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Help 1 Wks Holiday Starts Next Wed !

G: 12st0lb

I have got an awful dilema. I have been on LL now since 24th March and have lost an incredible 25ilbs. I love the weight loss and had the biggest thrill of my life on Friday when browsing in New Look with a skinny friend who encouraged a very sceptical me to try some size 18's combats and a size 18 top on, and they fit!! OH joy ! Never been in clothes that stated with a 1 for about 12 years, it was fab couldnt stop smiling all day.:bliss:

BUT, my OH starts a new job soon and wanted to have a sneaky week away in greece before tehn and has booked a late deal to go to the greek islands next wednesday. PANIC!
I am really in a state , what should I do, will I be able to stay in abstinance on holiday ?
Its just that eating IS what passes as the the evening entertainment on these little islands, and our normal routine is to not eat much all day then while away the evening in a taverna with a view, having a fab meal. Now dont get me wrong this is not unhealthy food of the fatty variety , usually lean grilled meat or fish with salad , but a lot of wine is generally consumed (about half a litre each).
I dont normaly gain weight on holiday because of this regime and lots of swimming and walking, but I really dont want to lose the plot with my LL plan becuase I am doing really well , and have never cheated at all in the 5 weeks on the plan.

I wondered has anyone fgone on holiday and stuck exclusively to packs? or has anyone ever gone and done say 2 packs for breakfast and lunch and had a protein and salad eveing meal and not been blown out of Ketosis and got back straight back on the horse when they returned?

I dont want to spoil my 100 days , as I made myself a promise not to cheat, but I really doubt my ability to do a week away without joining my husband in an evening meal.

I know I should just take the packs and stick to the programme, but part of me thinks, would it harm to have a meal every other evening of say grilled fish and green leaves and pass on the alcohol, and stick to packs for breakfast & lunch, on three days and 4 packs on the other days?:help2:

Would love to hear any advice or just your comments.


Carole xx
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:) Hiya,
firstly bloomin brilliant weightloss you got going on there girl! well done :p and well done for getting in clothes that start with a '1' that made me chuckle - great acheivement... :)

About your holiday, you asked 'what harm can it do?' the harm probably won't be to ketosis, but to your state of mind! Once you start eating, will you be able to stop at the meal, or will you then start adding in bits here and there? thats where the danger is. some people can hop on and off no problem, but it dosnt work for everyone doing it like that... theres so many people who struggle having eaten, and they will all tell you I'm sure that they wish they hadnt...

Only you can decide, hopefuly some more peeps will be along to give their experience...

sure you'll have a great time, whatever you decide :)

Do you have a group meeting before you go? Hopefuly you do and you can have a chat with your counsellor...if not give him/her a call..

In the meantime..... keep shaking :) :D


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
I'm going to Crete at the end of May - now - I know the Greek culture of food and hospitality and can imagine my hosts at several restaurants being quite upset if I don't eat - but I intend to ask a Greek work colleague to teach me a polite explanation that I cannot eat in the evenings.

I will probably weigh about 11st 10 by my holiday and I'll only be a stone away from a healthy BMI for teh first time in 15 years - I can't possibly stop so close to my goal. Especially after hearing how hard the second trip back into ketosis is from so many people. So much as I adore fresh fish and despite the fact that I am going there with my aunt and she has already said that she will feel uncomfortable eating with me in a restaurant (blunt, I know, but I'd rather she was honest!) this LL journey is the best thing that I have ever done and my mind is made up to see it through for the last 2-3 months without interruption.
A toughies but for me going through withdrawal again isnt an option! Can understand totally how you feel & why you're struggling with this but if you can I'd stick with it - can have all the yummy fish etc next time you go! I put off the start of LL due to hol and knew that I wouldnt have another one until I finish for that reason but thats not much help is it eh!!


a bit different everyday
I am going to greece in 3 weeks also and understand what you are thinking exactly, greek food is certainly not unhealthy but I am scared of messing up my abstination mindset, I am going with my mum my aunt and my 4 kids so there will be loads of food ordered and on the table at tavernas so hoping that my not ordering anything will go unoticed, BUT i think my mum will be the problem... I asked her just yesterday , if i refuse the meal on the plane will they just take it away or will i have to sit there with it in front of me like a plonker...her reply 'why would you refuse it'
errrrr hello, she knows that I have been doing cd for 12 weeks now, her attitude is 'you have to eat on holiday'
just hope we dont have words over this whilst away, as i am not going to fail now
good luck
nat xx


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Nat don't worry, if you tell the steward/hostess you don't want them meal as they pass it to you they'll just keep hold of it. I've seen quite a few people not eat on planes - some people can't as they're so stressed/scared etc.

Carole - don't know what to advise to this one, I'd like to say stick to the diet but only you know whether you can do this. Do you think you'd be able to get straight back into LL when you come back? Luckily I've not had a holiday but people in my group have and they've eaten but they have all come back and got back into it.

I'm going to be doing this diet probably for another 7/8 months and my first holiday is just a few days after my day 100 - what I've decided to do is have the packs for breakfast and lunch but will have a protein based evening meal and then start back on the packs properly when I get home.

Hope you get sorted with what you want to do and I'm sure you'll have a lovely holiday whichever way you choose.

G: 12st0lb
Hi everyone, thanks for your lovely sympathetic replies.
Spoke to my counsellor this morning , she was brilliant, and said , look you have two options, 1, take the packs and stick to the plan, but if you slip just once the mind is a powerfull thing and you may feel so like youve let yourself down that you throw in the towel and blow it. The other option is to have 3 packs and have a light meal in the evening with minimum carbs with lots of water and a couple of glases of wine. The thing thats important is to feel like you are in control and that you are dong exactly what you set out to do.
This 100 days thing means so much to me and I had planned to do the whole time in abstinance with a 2 week holiday just a few days after my time was up doing the option 1, then straight back, becuase just like you katie oxo I have another 5 or so months to go after that to get to goal.
I think I will probaly go with option two on the strict understanding that this is A ONE OFF! not to be repeated again untill the 100 days is up. I feel so scared that I honestly do think I will be able to get back on when I get back. I think the thing is not to get to thinking you can get away with it any old time, like cos your going to a function or a nite out, I personally wouldnt think it was worth coming out of Ketosis for one night.
Feel mich better now I know I have my counsellors suppport it takes away all the guilt and failure feelings. If she had been like well you signed up for 100 days you musnt eat I think I would have felt lousy just for asking!
She is kindly going to weigh me 2 days early just before I go, and I will get my packs and a chat.
I will keep you all posted and let you know how it goes, and hopefully it will be of some help to others who find themselves with this dilema.
Bye for now girls and thanks


has started again!!
Thanks for your last post HCW. I am off to Spain in August, for a very long awaited family hol. I know I too wont be at the end of my journey by then and I have had similar worries over the eating.

My own thoughts were much as your LLCs. I am pretty certain that I will use packs during the day, then eat a healthy meal in the evening. We are self catering so it wont be too hard for me, bbq's at night mainly, with a coupe of meals out, I suspect. I dont (and never have) drunk much, so that wont be an issue.

I am glad that you are happy with your LLc advice, it sounds like she is a very sensible woman!!

The thing with this diet is we are all so different that I suspect there is not just one answer to problems like this. We all need to know our own limits and abilities, and act accordingly dont we?

Have a great holiday, enjoy, and come back happy, healthy and revitalised - What a great thing to do!!



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I'm pleased that you've spoken with your LLC and got some good advice here too. I went to Malorca last October when in about week 7 of doing LL and managed to do the whole week with just packs and lots of water. I was lucky that the rest of the family were really supportive and we were able to work round the packs nicely. We tended to eat breakfast (pack) at the self-catering accommodation, go out for the morning, come back for lunch (another pack), go out for the afternoon, come back to get changed for the evening (another pack) then off to a restaurant for the evening, where I sat with sparkling water and watched everyone else eat! and drink! Back home (last pack of the day) sitting on the balcony watching the drunks walk past.

It is possible to SS, but ultimately it's your decision. If you can get your head right (as Geri said) you can achieve what you want. Just don't let guilt at eating anything screw you up for the rest of the holiday.

By the way, have a really good time!


Trainee Maintainer

I have great sympathies with you having to deal with your mums attitude to your doing LL.

".... i think my mum will be the problem... I asked her just yesterday , if i refuse the meal on the plane will they just take it away or will i have to sit there with it in front of me like a plonker...her reply 'why would you refuse it'
errrrr hello, she knows that I have been doing cd for 12 weeks now, her attitude is 'you have to eat on holiday'
just hope we dont have words over this whilst away, as i am not going to fail now

I am wondering whether it would be wise to get it all out into the open before you go on holiday, to reduce any tension while you're away. Perhaps you could ask for her help when you are packing and show her all the packs you are taking with you.

I don't know, but my own experiences with my mum made me realise how grateful I was that she lived so far away (!). I could really do without the negative attitude, and I am sure you could too.

Even now I'm at goal and we stayed with my parents for a few days over easter, she did not compliment me on the spectacular results of doing LL, but rather said "you've lost too much". Hmmm.

Looking at your stats (and photos), you've done an amazing job so far, I would hate to think that you had to deal with all the added stress of your mum putting pressure on you to eat.

It's funny how our weighloss success can affect people. We just assume that everyone will be happy for us to succeed, but obviously not....
Hi Carole,

Well done on your weight loss, it must be great to be able to fit in size 18 clothes, I can't wait til I get there!!! Its such an acheivement and such short a time.

I'm going away to Spain for a week at the end of May (which will be 10 weeks in) so I sympathise. Its been worrying me how I'll cope being away and I know that if I don't make a sensible plan well in advance, I'll rebel and blow the whole thing! Esp as I've got a while to go after the 100 days is up.
I've gone with the same strategy as your LLC except I'm going to avoid the wine and stick to water, it has a tendency to lower my willpower and make me hungrier. Luckily we'll need to drive to get to any restaurants so I am going to be the designated drive!!!
I don't know about you but I don't really crave for the naughty things I thought I would like chocs or takeaway food, just really would like some white fish or grilled steak!!! I find that a little bit odd but strangely comforting, think it will help keep me under control!
Good luck and let us know how you get on.
Great that yu have made a decision! Nothing worse than all that thinking! Enjoy the holiday!! Say Yasso to Greece for me! I lived there for 3 years!
Hi Carole, I know how you feel about holidays and SSing. I went to France skiing when I was on week 5. I wanted to SS but wasn't sure if I'd manage. I adore French food, especially cheese! Also I didn't know if I'd manage to ski every day on 500 calories. So I decided to eat protein(i.e.cheese) for extra calories if necessary. As it turned out I didn't need to eat anything as I had plenty of fat to supply loads of energy! My husband commented how much more energy I had - probably because I was 1 1/2 stone lighter. I didn't expect to be able to SS but was really pleased I did as I lost 10 lbs in the 2 weeks. It was nowhere near as hard as I thought and I'm looking forward to skiing next year without the excess weight and being able to enjoy French food. I think planning to eat protein/salad is sensible and realistic but it's not inevitable you will want to - it just depends how you see your LL journey working out. I did want to lose my weight in the 100 days and it was just about possible so I think I'd have eaten if I knew I would be going into development. What I'm trying to say is that your LLC is very sensible to say don't set yourself up to fail as holidays are very difficult, but you may just find you're happy to SS once you get there. The important thing is to make a decision and not feel guilty, and enjoy your holiday! Greece is wonderful this time of year so have a fantastic time with or without food. Bon voyage!
G: 12st0lb
Lucky you ISOM , I really love the place , the people and culture, been going since 1980 when I just fell in love with the place and just keep getting drawn back in spite of trying lots of other places including some exotic ones. Might do a Shirley Valentine one of these fine days becuase 28 years married if a VERY long time sometimes, IYKWIM. I might bear the alcohol thingy in mind Julie, because honestly I can take it or leave it. Yeah it strange what we crave isnt it. I am just the same , not craving the naughty stuff like I do on other diets, just craving really healthy stuff like Grilled chicken of fa BBQ and very bizarely tomatoes with basil sprinled on top! Oh well I think it should stand us in good stead when we finaly get to start eating again.
Thanks for all your help everyone, dont know what I would do without you all, you truly are like best friends I havnt met yet.
Love C xxx

I went to Sri Lanka on the 25th March and I stuck to the diet for 4 weeks there. I lost 15lbs on my return and I had no problems on the plane (I was on there for 13hrs with a 5 hour stop over in the middle east) I just asked for water and I had a black coffee with my pack when food was being served.

Dont get me wrong there were times when I really could have eaten as the food out there is gorgeous. But I looked at my long term goal I will be slim for the summer. I am going to Spain for a week in August and I will be on management by then.

I have no regrets to sticking to the diet and I am very proud of myself for doing it.

The decision is of course yours and I hope you have a wonderful holiday whatever your decision

Hi, I am on developers now and I have guests travelling from the States on May 10th. My plan is to have a shake for breakfast and dinner and then have an evening meal of protein and salad with them. I would prefer to just carry on on the shakes but thats life I guess, I shall get back to the plan as soon as they leave. If you know that you are strong and determined getting back on track should be no problem. I would certainly try and give the alcohol a miss, after all wine is just empty calories.Angela x

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