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Hi All
Here we go -
Started a while back, so stats arent correct - anyway - lost about 1 1/2 stone in a few months. Then my father became ill, and eventually passed away. During this time forgot all about it. I thought I kept the prescription, but have lost this during the time ( that or in the back of my mind, I put it somewhere safe and forgot about where!!!)
Anyway - My mind is clear again and wanted to go back to the docs - looking to pluck up courage to do this - might phone tomorrow morning to see the same doc as peviously....
Any support appreciated.
Feeling stupid
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Hi Notebook, firstly, I'm sorry to hear of your father passing away.

Secondly, please don't feel stupid!! You have nothing to feel stupid about! You have had a rough time and other things took priority in your life, so please please, don't ever feel stupid - because your not!

Glad though to hear that your mind is in the right place now and your ready to get back on Xencial. I'm sure your doctor will totally understand your reasons for lapsing recently, and will be more than happy to provide you with a fresh prescription. He/She will be pleased that you've made the decision to go back on a diet, rather than letting the weight you've lost go back on and more.

Here's a thought, why not ring today for an appointment, why wait until tomorrow?!

The folks on here are a good bunch and will give you lots of support - they're a real blessing for me!

Take care x


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Hey Notebook...Really sorry to hear about your father aswell.

And like Passiflora said don't feel stupid..

Congrats on your previous weight loss..Did you manage to keep it off while not taking the pills...??

I'm sure your Dr would understand aswell..

Good luck getting back on them and continuing on your weigh loss journey!! :D


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Hey notebook.Im sure that once you explain to the doc that you have been through a hard time of late and you really need something good to motivate you..he write the prescription out quick fast.
Ring today..go on,.!!


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hey there and welcome. Sorry to hear about your father.

Never feel stupid about anything. You went through a hard a time. You got the courage there and need to bring it up to the surface and pick up the phone and make that call. You can do it :D


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So sorry to hear about your loss hun, its not surprising everything went out of the window!! But you are back heading the right way again. It takes alot to get back on it, so you should be proud of yourself. Never ever feel stupid, your doctor will understand everything and i am sure will only be too pleased to help you again.. so make that appointment. We will all be here to support you on your journey... Good luck. x