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Help as book not arrived yet!!!

An I use milk in coffee and tea in induction?
What oil do u recommend for stir fry?
If today I have
B/fast..... Scrambled eggs with milk and butter

Lunch.... Pork and cheese salad(1mug full) and mayonnaise

Tea .... Pork salad (2cups) and mayonnaise

Coffee with semi skimmed milk and water

Am I on track with an induction day?

Oh!!!!!!! And in salads it's lettuce carrot cucumber celery and3 cherry toms.

Please help and advise! I'm hoping my book will be here tomorrow or Thursday.
Thank you!
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Use full fat milk or cream. Carrots are a bit carby for induction. Drinks are ok but make sure you have lots and lots of water! Do not use hydrogenated oils. Olive oils and coconut oil are better. Use good unsalted butter too.
If you are unsure about all the fat, watch "Big Fat Fiasco" on You tube.
Ok I can do unsalted butter and olive oil but full fat milk in coffee is this a must or would it matter semiskilled? Thank u for your help! :)
Leanne1 said:
Well, semi-skimmed doesn't have the fats that you need. Do you just not like whole milk or is there another reason? :)
To be honest not a big milk fan and I can do upto semi skimmed after that I start to feel sick!!!! Back to school milk days I think lol! :) also only skimmed milk at work and don't really want people knowing what I'm doing, so if I asked for full fat milk then questions would start! I can get everything else in canteen as all other stuff available and no questions would be asked..... Get my drift? :)


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For milk if you keep it minimal and count the carbs you will probably be ok. Definitely drop the carrots.
Suggest you add some nice greens instead of just salad eg brocolli and spinach - it will really help keep your insides nice and healthy and moving ;)

Good luck!


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Re milk - could you try soya? I moved to soya and haven't looked back :D


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Susie - do you use unsweetened soya? I find that too difficult to use although I love Soya lattes from Starbucks but haven't had any since starting Atkins cos of carbs. :)


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Starbucks uses sweetened soya milk :D

I've never had sugar in tea or coffee so don't miss it - and I buy Alpro unsweetened light milk, seemed to be the lowest in carbs I could find - 0.1g carbs per 100ml


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Almond milk was ok ... tried it this morning... not sure it's going to feature high on my 'lish list though :)

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