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Help beating hunger

Hiya all! New to this but found out my basic problem; Weight watchers makes me feel like I want to slit my throat I am THAT hungry on it. Im on 23 points per day, so you would think this is a good amount (I certainly did). I break it down easily. 5 points for breakfast, 5 for lunch, 10 for dinner (with or without a pudding) and then the three left over for snacks if I feel peckish.
But I ALWAYS feel peckish, to the point where I actually feel physically sick. I used to go to meetings, but the woman there basically told me it was all in my head (Im fully aware of this, but a little more help would be nice) so I stopped going. Now Ive gained 8lb.......just what I need!
I swim 4 times a week, for 25 minutes at a time, no breaks. But I CANNOT stick to my points, I get light headed, dizzy, feel sick, then I go out, binge eat, and then feel guilty and sulk.
Does anyone out there have ANY idea how I can stop feeling so hungry, aside from disconnecting the signal line from my stomach to my brain?? :D
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Thats the issue, I do, I bulk them up a lot, but they dont fill me up if that makes sense. I dont like celery, cucumber I LOVE but I could eat that all day every day and I cant really afford that :eek:
Ive recently tried that theory on drinking, you know, maybe it not hunger your feeling but thirst? Its works, and then come say 4pm the hunger comes back so forcefully that I feel sick. I do try to ignore by keeping busy, swimming, cleaning, and it works and Im fine, but then the next day, Im back o square one again...it sucks. :confused::mad:


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mmm thats a hard one! I would say it would take a while to get used to the portions you are eating! Perhaps make zero point soup to munch on when youre hungry! I would go to the doctor if youre feeling really faint or dizzy. Perhaps it might also work to eat smaller meals but more frequently throughout the day? I did that during school holidays because the boredom factor made me think I was hungry when I wasnt! Good luck tho, hope you find the answer! :)


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Maybe not break your points down to 5 for brekki etc - I find that I need to eat something every couple of hours or else I feel faint - I just eat loads low point stuff

3 plums is 1/2point as is 2 satsumas
sf jelly, no point soup - both filling - also there are lots of low point snacks - ryvita/rice cakes/dutch crispbreads are all 1/2point each - all these things can be used as little snax throughout the day - maybe have slightly smaller pointed meals & more filling things regularly to keep the levels up

I would prob never have 10 points for tea - cos @ 20points for the whole day for me I would be abso starved if I saved half my allowance for just 1 meal

Good luck xx
Ooooh these all sound like good ideas!! Thank you!! Only reason I limit myself to points per meal is because if I dont I find I lose track, stray and then end up in a pickle. Ive always been told that 10 points is far too much to put aside for one meal, but an hour after eating, Im hungry again if I dont! Does anyone have a recipe or two for 0 points soup that I could try?? I have done soups before, usually in my slow cooker, but none that are 0 points. That way I can maybe halve my night time meal, and if hungry have a cup of soup to keep me going?
Thanks for all the advice so far!


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There are some on the recipe thread I think, but basically shove all your free veg in a pot with a stock cube and an onion is my general recipe! lol! Do you use a tracker? I have a excel on which you are welcome to if you PM me your address, I just write things down just before I eat them to make sure I am in the points. I am sure it will all work out as you become more used to WW and realise what foods fill you up. For example I used to eat Alpen bars which were 2 points until I discovered that a WW pitta filled with 2 slices of Bernard Matthews chicken and loads of salad was also 2 points but much more filling. Wee discoveries like that will help you, run round asda with your WW calculator...I do it with pride....at 4am! :)
Yes I have one, bought it the first week I went and went home to look in my cupboards and went nuts with it!!! LOL
Issue now is I dont know where I have put it, but I shall go hunt it out again, everything is a positive step, right?
I can use stock cubes in soup???!? Well I never, I thought they were ful of points......OK now who feels dim......I usually make soups by liquifying things, then heating them in the slows cooker.
Ahhh now theres my BIGGEST issue with where I live, we dont have an ASDA, nearest one is 40 minutes drive away....our local tescos does very limited amounts of WW food. Pitta with ham and salad huh?? All these ideas look, helps to ask sometimes! Thanks a lot smilerjen!


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Try and relax your meal allowances. Some days you might only use a couple of points on brekky. Have some fruit. Things like Linda McCartney veggie sausages are really really nice and I think they are only 1.5 points each. A few of those with some veg and some gravy, would make a nice hearty yet low point meal


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Maybe eat more low fat protein as protein def keeps you full for longer.
I have 2 boiled or poached eggs for brekkie(3points) plus 6 crackerbread(1.5) or toast & i work till 2pm some days & it just keeps me going till then. x


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Buy yourself a bags of frozen fruits - I do that on my way to work.
Before they defrost I continue snacking for the whole day - completely guiltfree. Good luck!


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I am on 23 points a day so maybe I can help. My basic food day goes something like this:

Breakfast is a cereal (2.5)
WW bread toasted with the lightest scrap of butter ever (1)
A WW yoghurt (0.5)

About 10am I have a cereal bar (1)

Lunch I have a cuppa soup (0.5 or 1)
A packet of WW/Tesco light choice type crisps (1)
An apple (0.5)
Some kind of tesco light choices pot thing, be it cous cous or noodles (3)

So by this point I am sitting at about 10.5 so far that day.

My evening meal I tend to make up to about 10 points. This will be whatever my actual meal is (between 5 and 8 most times) plus bread and a yoghurt and whatever else I can have to make up the points.

This then leaves me some for something to have before going to bed.

0 pointed things are a must too, I love cherry tomatos and pickled onions so always have them.

I think your leader saying it is all in your head probably never helped. But you are definitely doing something wrong somewhere because if I can get through the day on 23 points knowing how I used to eat then I think anyone can. Just needs good planning.
Try and relax your meal allowances. Some days you might only use a couple of points on brekky. Have some fruit. Things like Linda McCartney veggie sausages are really really nice and I think they are only 1.5 points each. A few of those with some veg and some gravy, would make a nice hearty yet low point meal
Excellent thank you! Been trying to find out what sausages are best to have i miss them but have been keeping away because of the amount of points they are!

Luckielorz2001 - I find I'm hungry after eating too, but i just list 0 point foods and 0.5 foods down in a list, so during the day i use up 22 of my 24 points, then once I've had them all and after my tea if i still feel hungry I've still got 2 points to work with, and if i don't use them i save them up for a treat at the end of the week :)

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