HELP!!!!!! Day 1 of lipotrim and can't stomach shakes!!!!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Shaunni, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Shaunni

    Shaunni Member

    Hello today has been day one of my lipotrim diet and I've only managed half of one shake, it's just so vile :( I really really need to lose this weight too, I've had the strawberry and chocolate one normal but tried the vanilla one hot with coffee and a touch of cinnamon and one mouthful I was gagging! Can anyone help :'(
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  3. Oops

    Oops Full Member

    Think of it as medicine and not food and you'll be fine. I hate milkshakes and managed 3 months, its worth it, good luck :)
  4. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    I make mine up with 500mls of water, makes them more palatable. And extra water ;) x
  5. Kirbygirl

    Kirbygirl Full Member

    Try the flapjacks? They're pretty vile but they go down faster cos they're smaller!
  6. Shaunni

    Shaunni Member

    Hi thanks everyone, this morning I put 2 spoonfuls of coffee in my chocolate shake and more water and it made it more bareable, I'm going to try the flapjacks next week I think :)
  7. chels91

    chels91 Member

    Best thing to do Is use a straw ! I hate the shakes but making sure the water Is ice cold and using a straw works for me :)
  8. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    We find that mixing them in a smoothie maker with ice cold water and a few ice cubes with couple of sweetners make them more palatable.
  9. Shaunni

    Shaunni Member

    Day 3 today and I feel awful! I feel weak, moody and just generally crap :-( and still can't bare the thought of having the shakes, I keep reading that this gets better but I'm really struggling with the taste of them :'-(
  10. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    Keep going!!! It can b a real pig until day 4/5 x
  11. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    How you doing shaunni?
  12. Shediver

    Shediver Full Member

    I mix mind in a blender with 8 ice cubes it's like a macd's milkshake
  13. miss_VCG

    miss_VCG Member

    Blending them with ice is the way to go. I couldnt stand vanilla or strawberry so living off the chocolate- hope I dont get board! Also possibly try the chicken soup? Good Luck!

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