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help, distracting from self destruction binge


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Raging raging raging.

Stop me from even thinking about eating bad things.... no, MUUUULLEEERRR!

Omg, my toddler and I (after getting ready for ages) set off in the pushchair, he was crying, but does that a little before falling asleep (he was up at 5am today!). 2 seconds after leaving he began screaming, murder style! People were looking like I was doing something horrible to him... er no, he's just being grumpy. We were going to our nct group, the only thing that keeps me sane. Had to come home, didn't make it to the end of the road. I'm so angry, I know its not his fault, he just didn't want to go in the pushchair. It was peeing it down so no choice really. Anywho, now we are home, I put him in his cot and legged it downstairs to calm down. He fell asleep in 2minutes. AAARGHHH

Anywho, I am just hormonal, not the best of times for him to play up. I don't feel like I'm going to binge, but that's what used to happen so I came on here to vent and distract myself so binging isn't even an option. Sorry for the long post but thought a lot of you know what toddlers can be like so can understand! I'll b$%ger off now :) xxx
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Hi sweetie...
My daughter is 9 now but I can remember all that stuff... its so hard being a mum sometimes isnt it...
I was a single mum then, so didnt really have anyone to talk too, and this forum wasnt here either (but then I wasnt on SW then...D'uh), anyway, you know we are all here for you, anytime.... and it gets better babes....

Mrs V

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Ok...deep breath....sometimes Little ones have this habit of doing this to us, particularly as you were looking forward to going out and having a break!
Now he's in bed for a while, grab some rest yourself. Dont put the telly on as day time TV is snough to make anyone go mad!
Make yourself a hot drink and just veg - even take yourself away from the pc for a while.
Dont think about what chores need doing etc, the house wont fall down if you havent washed a few dishes, or put the washing machine on etc.
Just have some silence and maybe a nap yourself.
You will find that by doing this you will be less likely to get agitated by Little One's behaviour and you will begin to feel more in control.
You dont need rubbish Hun, it will only make you feel worse.

Huge cuddles.

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Hi JJ,

Hope you are feeling calmer now. Looking after a LO on your own on a daily basis is really hard work I feel for you. Mrs V's advice is really good I hope you took/are taking some me time to re charge your bateries.
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Oh sweetie your not alone, we had one of those complete meltdown style tantrums in Asda yesterday. It was a sleep issue too, hes 22 months old and he refuses to sleep during the day now and he gets so exhausted. One women actually shook her head at me and tutted as she went past with her trolley and i just wanted to cry. Thankfully by the time wed made it to the checkout hed calmed down a bit so i could pay etc without him trying to hurl himself out of the trolley.
It really is hard sometimes, good job we love the little blighters isnt it?
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I think I would ahe lynched someone who tutted at me with a grumpy toddler. It is ahrd, I was single Mum to two two years apart. There were days when it felt like they just took it in turns. Actually they are 7 and 9 now, and sometimes it still does!!! Reactions like that are not what you need. Think she needed a swift kick in the shins!!



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Being a health visitor, I can't resist giving someone some support when their toddler kicks off. I often ask if the mum is Ok and 99 times out of a hundred they will chat and be distracted and the toddler calms down. there is a reason it is called the terribles twos and threes. I run a sleep clinic and the sleep deprived kids are a law unto themselves. I agree wholeheartedly with Mrs V, whenever you can RELAX !! eating rubbish foods will make you feel rubbish for longer, in more ways than one. Big big hugs I'm sure you are a brilliant but very tired mum xxx
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Well, ive had a day much like urs, but I gave in and the tin of Quality Street my hubby bought 4 xmas got a good hammering, ooops!!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thanks so much everyone! Didn't get chance to rest as he woke up again and took 30minutes to stop screaming! :eek: he ended up having 3 naps today (yikes) and has still gone to bed at 7pm tired and conked out within minutes.

I feel happier now, just tired. All these replies actually nearly made me cry, you're all so lovely and supportive *huge hugs* xxx

Oh and I avoided a binge... but... I did use some syns from tomorrows today, so will have minimum to use tomorrow. I needed a little extra without going mad. :) xx

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