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Help everyone ....need advice


Only a few more pounds...
Why dont you have tetras instead? They're just as good. Otherwise, if you MUST pick, I don't think chicken with a few salad leaves will do any harm, depending on which plan you're on... I occasionally do and it hasnt had an effect on my losses... I've told my CD councellor and she told me no carbs, so I presumed that was ok...but don't make it a habit... As for it affecting your weight loss, you have to eat 3,500 calories or in excess of that to put on 1lb of weight/body fat...so unless ur gonna pig out big time, I seriously doubt it will affect ur losses....Hope that helps. TC x
do you have any soups, they just need a cup and spoon :)

If you cant have your packs do as you suggest and stick with the high protein foods and salads
or one of those little battery operated coffee whiskers are good. I would go for the tetra options tho they are what i take to work everyday xxx


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thanks tc...if i'd known about the course in advance i'd have def ordered tetras to cover the whole 2 days but i can't see my CDC until thursday :((
i'll def stick to plain chicken and salad....no carbs at all and keep my fingers crossed x


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I have to have alot of over nighters so i just take ablender and plug it in my room!! god knows what the neighbours think. I always have a soup as a back up, and when it comes to meal times i always askl for chicken no sauce and just eat the veg. As long as your careful and drink plenty of water you'll be fine!!
I just use a shaker (bit like a plastic beaker with a screw top lid on)and that gets all the lumps out - you do have to give it a good ol shake but just call it arm exercises. Mine has measurements on the side but you could always measure 8oz at home and then pour it into the beaker and put a mark on the beaker where 8oz is iyswim


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great ideas everyone thanks.....if i'd known in advance i would have got lots of tetras or bought a mini whisk......i'll take packs anyway and see if i can sneakily make them up and drink them without anyone noticing.....
next problem.......how do i stay away from minimins for one whole night and 2 days ?? :)

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