Help!! :( Feeling Deflated and frustrated and its only week 3!!!


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:wave_cry: Hi Everyone,

I am feeling very deflated at the moment and hope that someone can talk some sense into me so where better to come than here!!!

I am in week 3 of my diet as of yesterday and so far I have only lost 3lbs in 2 weeks. How rubbish is that ...most people loose more than that in their first week...I HAVE lost more than that in my first week before.

I just dont understand as I have been really good both weeks and went to the gym 3 times week 1 and 4 times last week......What am I doing wrong....surely my loss should be more than 3lbs.

The only thing that I can think of is I have been using my syns but never more than 12 and thats not everyday.

Do you think I need to try to not use my syns at I over reacting and just being inpatient??

I wa realistic and hoped to have lost 10lbs in my first month but at this rate I will be lucky to loose 7.

I expected things to slow down after I lost my first stone but yest already things are slow and I ma not sure I can hold out at this rate.

Can anyone think of what I am doing wrong as I dont want to give up or else there is nothing else I can do as all other diets leave me hungry. :sigh:

:cry:I guess its better than putting 3 lbs on and and if I loose a pound a week for 10 months thats still alot of weight lost but again I did not expect such a slow start...

Sorry to ramble.
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Aww - don't despair Lilobug! I know its horrible - I only lost half a lb in my second week and was gutted. I was convinced until this morning that my week 3 weigh-in was gonna be a disaster and I spent the whole week feeling like you feel. However, at the very last minute, I lost 2.5lbs in one go. Thats how it happens sometimes. You just have to keep going and give it chance. Focus on eating well and following the plan 100%. Don't drop your syns any more than you feel comfortable with either. They're there to be used and an important part of the plan. If you start depriving yourself, you really are on a slippery slope. Just keep the faith and hold on - the losses WILL COME!!!! By the way, have you just started the gym hun? Because if so, that could be the answer to your weight loss lull. When we start exercising more, our muscles recognise that they're working harder and start holding onto more water because they need it to burn energy. This leads to a temporary slowdown - and sometimes small gains - for a week or two before we start to feel and see the benefit of our hard work. It sorts itself out and then its success all the way!!!!!
Please hang on in there - this is your very best chance of getting to where you want to be and it WILL happen for you! xxxxxx


S: 14st0lb C: 14st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: -0st10lb(-5.1%)
Thank you , thats so helpful and thank you for being so kind. I have been going to the gym since october but wasnt concentrating on my food, But I can understand about the muscles holding water...Maybe I should try drinking some more too??? I am going to carry on and be patient but your message really really helped. Thanks so much for replying x


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Anytime Lilo! Thats what we're here for! Glad it helped - you're going to be just fine!!! xxxxx


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OK STOP !!!! Go into your kitchen and weigh out three pounds of something like potatoes or pasta. Put it in a bag and carry it around for at least ten minutes whilst moving. My point being is that 3lbs is a LOT of weight to have lost and not something to be sniffed at. A pound a week equals a weight loss of 52lbs a year. Keep going. You may have otherwise put on 3lbs. Pat yourself on the back for your achievements It is not a failure. Here endeth the first lesson xx


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Hey Lilo;

I can totally relate - I started at a good pace, but then dropped to a low rate after only 2 weeks (and even gained a couple of times). Then last week, my consultant handed me my 1 stone award, coincidentally on my 14th week. That's 14 weeks of not binging, learning new habits, making new friends - and see how they add up!

Don't lose heart, concentrate on feeling better about your choices (the pennies), and the pounds will take of themselves. :- )

Chin up, and keep coming back here for pep-talks - it really does help.



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I think this is another case for my hare and the tortoise analogy! :rotflmao: I'm a tortoise! I lose on average 1lb a week, I never have big losses, lucky if I lose 2lbs in a week, more often than not, it's 1lb and a few sts. It's always the way with me. Then I read about people who have big losses and yes sometimes the green-eyed monster in me gets a bit grrrrrr about it, but that's just the way I am. In a recent thread, quite a few people said that they too were tortoises. It's slow, it's steady, and it's a healthy way to lose weight.

Feel pleased with yourself that you are doing really well! Big decision to join SW, lots to think about the first few weeks, but it's a great plan to follow!


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Hi Lilo

Welcome to the forum.

All I can do is echo what the others have said - you ARE doing well xx