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Help for a newbie

Louie lou

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Hi everyone, this is not my usual site on minimins but i have been reading your posts for a week or so now and am thinking of swapping Diets from the Cambridge to the Atkins.

I really liked the Cambridge Diet the first time around last year, but am so sick and tired of the shakes and bars that i need to have a new way of approaching the weight i still have to lose.

My husband Glenn and i have been doing the cambridge together and he's sick of it too.
We are big meat eaters and love veg and salad of all types so the Atkins way of life sounds great, my only concern is the weight will come of slower than on the cambridge, i was hoping to lose the remaining 4st 10lbs before summer.

I know we will have to add any food slowly to start with so we don't feel sick, but i am sure will will enjoy every mouthful.

What are the average weight losses per month on the Atkins does anyone know.

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Welcome to the board Jane! And a very big congrats on your weight loss so far! (Sorry I dont know the average losses.)


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Hi, again, not sure of average losses as it depends on many things but would a higher tier of CD be suitable if you want to reintroduce proper food? You would still have quicker losses with meal replacements but would also have at least one meal a day too
On the official Atkins site (The Atkins Community) they suggest an average weight loss of 1-3 pounds per week. Weight loss during the initial two weeks of Induction can be thrilling but most of this is water, as it is at the start of just about any diet.

Moving from a low carb VLCD will mean that the initial water will already have been lost but on Atkins the carbs will actually be lower. CD is around 60g carbs per day, I believe. Atkins Induction is 20g carbs per day, moving up over time to the amount of carbs that suits our individual bodies, whilst still allowing us to lose weight.

Atkins is not a fast weight loss diet, it is a new way of eating that we intend to adopt, for life. Since you and your husband love meat and salad etc you will probably adore Atkins!

Good luck to you both.

Louie lou

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Hi thanks everyone for your replies, i don't think i can stay on the cambridge much longer, i fell like cheating every day, so far haven't given into temptation but in know sooner or later i will.

The type of food you are allowed on the Atkins diet is so nice and filling that i feel it would better suit us over the summer with BBQ's ect. as last year we really missed them.

If i can get below 15 before holiday on May 10th that would be great, i am so fed up with going on holiday and feeling like a right frump.

if the weight loss will be more on Cambridge i might take "boardwitless" advice and have the extra meal for a few weeks and then swap over to Atkins in maybe a month or 2.

I'll see how much longer we can withstand Cambridge, but in the end i know we will swap to Atkins so i will keep upto date on here and get some pointers. Thanks again.
Yes, it makes perfect sense to reintroduce 'real food' slowly so you don't suffer rebound regain or even sudden cravings - ones that you can't resist, I mean!

You've done so well and come so far already that a swap like this is sensible and well thought-out. We all have to find what we can live with happily, as this is the plan we will stick with.


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I moved from CD too but my move was because CD just does not suit my body. Even though I moved up to 810 I was constantly dizzy all the time and didn't feel safe to drive and even passed out a couple of times. I would move up a plan if I were you. SS+ weight losses are the same as SS (I think officially it's 1/2lb less each month than SS) but 810 would give you more variation. I think VLCD is great and I soooooo wish my body wasn't so rubbish. I've tried 5 times now in total and it's always ended the same way, don't know why I ket thinking things would be different!?!?!

Good luck with whatever you decide.
That dizziness used to happen to me, too, Nelly. I had to lie down on my bed so often! All people ever seemed to advise was that I should drink more water. It didn't help.

I think some of us just can't manage on three shakes or whatever a day, with so few calories. I don't knock CD because I lost a total of three stones on it but not in a few months! Had to add food or continue to feel very poorly.

It was wonderful for me, however, in the sense that it introduced me to the reality of a healthy food-based ketosis that did not depend solely on very low calorie intake. Before CD I had no idea that ketosis could also depend on how many carbs you cut out!

Since I am in pre-maintenance now I am reintroducing carbs slowly and this is very hit or miss lol. But it is Atkins I have to thank, totally, for having come this far.


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Hi Louie (and Glen) I lost on average 2lbs a week, week after week on induction. I stayed on induction for 6 months.


Hi Jane and Glenn, I decided to swap from shakes and the temptation to 'cheat' by eating real food, to Atkins too - just over a week ago - and it has been a pleasure! When you feel like actually eating something there is always something you can have without breaking any rules, or even an agreement that you've made with yourself. I lost 3lbs in my first week, but since we're eating and not feeling hungry or deprived, I'd be happy with 1lb per week, so am going to try to be patient, and get my body fully used to the Atkins way. Good luck to both of you, whatever you decide to do, x