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Help for new one!


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Hi Rachel - :welcome:and don't worry - just read the posts and join in as and when you want. Or start a new post like you have today if there is anything you want to ask or get off your chest. Everyone is very friendly :)

Have you been doing WW very long? How are you doing on it?

Thanks very much

Ive been doing since jan and lost 17lbs ... 55lbs to go!

I dont feel that i have done as much as i can so im getting really stuck in now!

What about u?


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I started the beginning of Jan online and have lost almost as much as you. I think it is great! I did WW in the past and did well on it but I was always hungry, stopped going to meetings gradually started it put it all back on. Then had a stint last year with SW which wasn't very successful and now back to WW. Just love the new plan! I've been giving it my all and really trying to get exercise in too which is a first for me!
I find it fantastic

I am always full and my bmi has gone down by 10% !

I actually found it really motivating working out what my bmi was b4 and what it is now...

When are you hoping to make goal by?


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Yes - it's really good watching those numbers go down. You could fill out your statistics on the user control panel. I love updating mine and watching the lbs and percentages add up each week.

It would be nice to reach target by September 23 when I go away for a week for my birthday, but I am not holding my breath lol! It is doable but only if I don't have any slip ups, but being realistic I am bound to have slips ups. I'm just glad to carry on losing each week and concentrating on the here and now TBH. How about you?

I take it you are in Dublin? I am going over to Dublin at the end of June to stay with friends and see the Glee tour. It's on here in London but I didn't have anyone to go with. That will probably be one of my slips ups ha ha!
Im jus new to dis site 2 its very helpful everybody in d same both n are glad 2 help =]
I've been on ww a yr now its been a bit dodgy since xmas but hopefully im gettin back on track =]
If i hav any info i can help wit jus ask =]
Gud luck =]
hi Rachel..you'll get lots of support and tips here,,i love ww:D
Hi yummymummy thanks so much... Im addicted to minimins already... Lol

Ww is amazing isnt it, i have my weigh in wed and am so nervous i was same last week so wud love to be down 2

I havent actually picked a actual goal weight but id like 2 b down to around d 12 or 13 stone range its so hard but hopefully ill get der so bout 40lb 2 go haha!! I stayed d same dis wk gonna work really hard dis wk n try get down 4 next wk!!! =] Gud luck dis wk =] xx
Hi everyone,

I'm new too and a bit lost in all this, really want to be a success but just cant see how I am going to do it! I feel like I'm lost in points.

I get the basic Idea, I have 32 to points to "spend" a day on what I like, the worse the food the more expensive it is?! Right?!

Ok so two questions, any ideas on low point snacks I have have hanging around ready to eat? I normally snack on pineapple slices in juice, but if I am right, they are 6 points!!!! Whereas, I love pepperami sticks and they are 1 point each? Am I doing this right??

Also, any ideas on quick dinners? I get home around 8pm from the gym and not really up to cooking dinner?

Thats my main issue I think, I've been working out for 1 year and not lost a single lb! And now I've signed up to do the London to Brighton Bike Ride, so need to shift some weight!

I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions, I'm a complete WW Virgin!


x It's my year to shine x
Welcome to WW spanky!

You're pretty much right - more filling "healthier" foods are lower in points - things that will maintain a more constant energy supply really - think proteins over carbs (but remember to include carbs as they are important too :):))

Spend your 32 pp as you wish :)

Fruit is now 0pp - even tinned fruit - but only if it's in juice, and you completely drain the juice before eating it.

I made a quick lunch yesterday (well it was kinda quick, and will last 2 meals) - I made the spinach & pepper Fritatta out of the "Enjoy" booklet. Took 30mins preparing and cooking, made 4 "lunch" portions or 2 "dinner" ones. You could add bacon into it too for more points, but works out as 4 propoints (1/4) or 7 propoints (1/2).

I tend to dry fry or bake chicken, seasoned with herbs, stuffed with light soft cheese, and then make my own chips. If you want any recipes just shout :) Stirfrys are superquick, chuck in loads of veg (make sure you point certain ones like peas and sweetcorn), add chicken, quorn or pork, and noodles if you wish and it's a low point quick meal. Pasta, although quite high in points, is very filling too, make it with a nice passata sauce, little bit of cheese and a massive side salad.. YUM. :p

I get inspiration from the diaries section on here, people post up some yummy sounding dishes and I give them a try.

Although I've never tried it, slow cookers can be fantastic to leave going all day. so you can have a really hearty meal when you return home late and not feel "rushed".

Good luck with your cycling training - that's one brave ride! My Aunty did it a couple of years back... gruelling!
Thanks for your support Charlotte, really appreciate it! I would love to take you up on your offer of some recipes! Any help I can get, would work wonders!!!

So today I've had some waitrose essential cereal, which I've pointed with Skimmed Milk, and for lunch some soup and bread, and for dinner i had to get a ready meal for a whopping 16 points!!!! But I dont finish the gym til 8:30 tonight and thought if i had something quick that i had already pointed then i know in advance what I am doing, if that makes sense? Rather than eating throughout the day and only having 4 points left for dinner and being hungry.

I'll take a look at the diary section, see if i can find some ideas, I can make and freeze, so on a wednesday when i have a late workout, my evening meal is sorted!

Oh I really hope I get there in the end, I'm so confused and a little bit lost, but you guys are great!