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help going to toilet


I will never give up
try some physillium husks and take them daily.
I use benefibre, from boots xx
Physillium husks are good but hate the gluey look! I add a tablespoon to my milkshake n its like a weak porridge. Since you need to go now might as well buy Dulcolax or senokot to clear you up.


I will never give up
i got some empty capsules and made them up myself but you can get some already done in h&b. or senoket for now. also try some leaf teas might work.
the husks are great at keeping you regular, but you may want some kind of laxatives if you havn't been for a week - I would recomend gylcerin surpositories as the most gentle and effective but I know some people are put of by them so iyou could also use something like dulcolax
ok will have to invest in some... think it would be best to do it on friday night? lol i do 11 hour shifts monday-fri an dont want an embarrasing moment when they kick in!
Ducolax work really well for me :D

I had the Physillium in powder form but taking it made me feel like I was choking even though it has kept me 'regular'. I got the capsules today from H&B but don't know how many to take per day. I don't want to carry them around with me to take during the day and I used to have my powder in the evening.

Any suggestions?


Doing it exante style :)
emilyj said:
I new to this so might be a really silly question but can you use Movicol
I use movicol twice a day. I've got the plain one. It keeps me regular ;) x


Doing it exante style :)
emilyj said:
Thanks so I take it it doesn't knock you off the diet?
No not if u take the plain one. I think the flavoured one has citric acid in.
Hi all

I've been on TS for 6 days now and have had the opposite effect!! So my question is has anyone else had a similar experience and can u take something like imodium to help??? Any help/tips/suggestions would b great! ?

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