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Help have to have "lunch" with colleague


It is only my fifth day of abstinence and so far it has been great. I am at that stage where I feel good and I have climbed that wall of getting on the packs. However, today I have to have lunch with a colleague. I didn't have time to prepare for and excuse and to be honest I can't really get out of it. I'm not sure what to do as it is just me and him so it will be noticed if I don't eat. HELP:(
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just say you have already eaten, you are on a diet, you dont feel too well etc etc.
make something up as this is the wrong time to eat. its nly day 5- you will be knocked out of ketosis.
there are plenty of reasons to eat- but tonns more why you shouldnt.
You will face alot more situations like this in the next 95 days and you just have to learn to say no!
good luck xx
Thank you. I know I can't eat as I will not stop, but I could do without this situation, especially in my first week. I feel stronger now for being on this site and hopefully I will get through lunchtime
the key is to learn to say no mate.
cos you will be invited to so many lunches, dinners, meals out etc.
You are doing this for a long time!
The trick is to start off as you mean to go on xxx
I've used alsorts as excuses before now - I find that toothaches a good one as that can just disappear in a day.
hehe. That was taken on my 20th birthday about 2 weeks ago. It was a pajama party =]
im a big kid at heart!
I think you should be honest. Just say that you have been advised that you need lose some weight for health reasons. Which is true.

Good luck.
I have to be honest here and say that following my post on Tuesday morning I did eat a little at lunchtime and have learnt my lesson the hard way. I have found that once you eat once you want to eat again and again and it is very hard getting back on the program.

It took me two days to get back on track but I am back on there and really really focused. I spoke about it at my meeting and that really helped.

It is so easy to hide these incidents from myself and everyone else, but this is a very very long journey for me and I cannot let history repeat itself and beat myself up for having a slip up. The important thing for me is that I realised what happened and how it escalated and I stopped it from escalating even more.

More importantly is that I am honest. All too often I lie about what and when I have eaten and especially lie to myself which is what got me to this size in the first place. This journey is not just about weight loss, it is about changing my unhealthy habits and my unhealthy thinking.

Thanks for being there guys. I find it a big help logging on to this site
Got to congratulate you madandirish for admitting it to both yourself and to us on here. You're right, it is so easy to hide these things but the more honest we are especially with ourselves the more we are changing our future.

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