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help - having a bad week!

After losing 2.5lbs in my first week, I think I've blown it this week. I've had 2 bad days, including today :cry: I've eaten so many syns:cry:

My WI isn't until Tuesday night but I checked on my scales just now and it says I'm the same weight as when I started :cry:

I have two days, do I still have time to recover or do I write this week off :cry:(I'm doing EE)

lesson learned... :break_diet:
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Dont give up now, carry on, draw a line under the past 2 days and start afresh, and you shouldnt weigh yourself until your offical WI day as your weight can fluctuate alot. Good Luck!!


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You'll be just fine.
Agreed, don't weigh yourself except at WI. It can be upsetting and confusing seeing the fluctuations.
Just draw a line and continue being good and don't be put off if you have a tiny gain or STS at WI. It may not happen but if it does it's just a tiny blip and if you continue being good you will do well the following week.
Good luck!!

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
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I bet you haven't gone back to your starting weight! It's just water and general body fluctuations! I'm worst at weighing myself - but I can fluctuate 8lbs in a day!
Why write the week off? That's a whole week on SW wasted when actually you've only lost 2 out of 7 days!! I have WI too on Tuesday but binged the first 3 days of this 'week'. Have been good since, but I certainly wouldn't write the week off and certainly gain! I've worked too hard to come this far to do that!
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Don't give up!! We all have 'bad' days. It could be that your scales aren't the same at WI (unless you're doing it alone?). My weight changes greatly in one day, so please forget about those 2 days and start afresh tomorrow (or tonight if you're really serious!!)

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
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Harry'sMom is right! My scales weigh 1.5lbs more than the SW ones!
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I too have had a few bad days but thanks to the support on here. I have today only eaten free food with my HX's and I will still allow a few syns (otherwise I will never stick to it).
The point is we can't all be good all of the time and we will all have a few bads days, even if we have a gain or stay the same if we don't try nothing will change. Write the last 2 days off and start afresh.

Good luck and don't worry my scales also change 4lbs from the begining to the end of the day. x
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Definitely don't write the week off. My WI is wed, last week i had a good thurs/fri and then had a really bad weekend, but I drew a line under it and started again on monday and ended up losing 3lbs last week. Just get back on plan tomorrow, try and have extra speed food and possibly limit your syns a bit and you should be ok. Even if you do gain on tues, you can bet it wont be as much as it could have been had you written the week off! x

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