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  1. 2bslim

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    lighter Life
    I'm on week 4 of lighter life (25.5 lbs lighter!) but I'm going on holiday for a week in 2 weeks time. I know I'll not keep on diet completely - intend to have only one meal per day and drink some wine.
    I've been told that if I stay off carbs but eat protein and veg I can stay in fat burning - is this true ?

    Any help / comments would be appreciated.


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  3. PositiveBetty

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    Hello...hmm tricky one. I would have thought if you stuck to protein you'd be ok but the wine would be a big no no. Alcohol wise vodka and slimline tonic would be better as there are no carbs in it.
  4. jowray100

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    stay on the program 100 % its only one holiday. i have stayed 100% on the packs over christmas, trip to a health farm, week in new york, if you come off i think that the change of being able to do the program again 100% is really diffcult. and dont drink. one girl in my group did and she was really poorly for a few day.
  5. Blonde Logic

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    I would agree with Jowray. I know you will do what you want to do :)- and it's your choice - but I would strongly suggest you just bring your packs with can still have a fab time, and you won;t lose the momentum you are only just now gaining. Is there some reason you feel you couldn;t stay on the diet? Maybe we can offer some tips on how you could.

    As said, anytme you come out of "the zone", judging by others experiences it's nigh on impossible to get that same feeling back. Not easily anyway. Some have reallly struggled. I am going home to California for 3 weeks, land of all my favourite foods, in May and will need to stay on the diet then.....there's no way I want to jeapordise my progress. But thats OK - all those favourite things will still be there when I go back again in November.....and it's not like I am missing out on them if I turn a blind eye it shuld be OK. <fingers crossed of so tightly!!) :D

    But whatever you decide - just go into it with eyes wide open knowing it won;t be as easy when you come back....but we will all root you on if it gets difficult for you. :)
  6. Alibongo

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    I would say it is best to keep on plan, it is totally doable, I also did christmas and a week away, you just need to take your packs with you and get yourself in the right frame of mind.

    Think it through in your mind, imagine yourself not eating food on the holiday, picture it, get it in your mind that you won't eat anything but packs, you can change your mindset.
    I started LL on 1 Nov and was only 6 weeks in at Xmas, when I started I thought there is no way I can get through Christmas and a week away without eating, but by the time it came I had realised I could and did.
    Imagine how good you will feel being so much slimmer on your holiday. You will still lose weight whilst away too, I lost 7lbs over Christmas, I have never before in my life done that. How good will that make you feel?

    If you do decide to eat then lean protein with no sauces, uncooked veg is also best, so sticking with salads, but watch the dressing.
    Booze is not a good idea, it can make you poorly on this diet.
    It still needs to be burnt off, your body will use it as fuel before it burns fat. You won't stay in ketosis and you will start getting hungry. Then the ball starts rolling.
    You are quite likely to find it very difficult to get back into it after the holiday, not impossible, but it will be harder than not breaking abstinence at all.

    You can still have a fab holiday, I realised that for me it was about having a great time with my family, having fun, I did't need food or drink to do that. I think I learnt quite an important life lesson from that.

    You should also bring this up in group, our LLC always had a group brainstorm in these situations and we all helped put forward ideas to help that person get through.
  7. ladylite

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    This is from the hypocrit. I defo think you should stay on if you can. i have lapsed and I tell you it is so so hard to get back on. You seem to lose everything, your motivation, that lovely feeling of lightness, positivity and wellbeing. It really isnt worth, I wish I could have my time again but I cant. Just my opinion on what it feels like trying to get back on.:)

    But I do hope you have a lovely holiday and whatever you chose we are all here to help you.
  8. lemma1968

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    Don't eat too much veg though cos all veggies are carbohydrates so they are made up of sugar in differing levels etc. Having veggies can take you out of ketosis. Protein is preferable if you feel a lapse coming on apparently.
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