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Help - how can I kickstart loss again?!

Hi all,

I have been on LL for nearly 15 weeks now. In the past 4 weeks I have been losing a 1lb a week and it doesn't seem to be shifting any quicker no matter what! I have tried cutting down to 3 packs for a week and doing extra exercise but it's not doing anything :cry:

I am thinking of eating "normally" for a day in the hopes that may kickstart the weightloss.

Does anyone have any advice?


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Hi Kate,

First of all, I would not cut down to 3 packs per day. Your body needs the nutrients in all 4 packs and that is probably why you haven't lost much.

I also would not advise eating either as that can lead to more and more eating and then eventually a weight gain, and I am sure that you don't want that.

I am have just had my week 24 weigh in and I have lost 3lb in 2 weeks. I am gutted. But I know that the weight has to come off if you are sticking to it 100%. Plus with this heat I am finding that a lot of people are holding onto water which is making the scales inaccurate. I do know I am loosing fat from somewhere as my inches are still going down as i exercise as well.

Please don't feel too disheartened. The only thing that I suggest is just to keep going. I know it's hard but if you can do 15 weeks of it them you can complete the rest of your journey.

So good luck this week and well done on the weight you have lost so far x x
Thanks Becky,

I'm just frustrated as I've still got 2 stone to lose!

I've only cut down to 3 packs for this week only but hasn't seemed to make any difference!


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Don't cut down on the foodpacks - it may make things worse, and you risk damaging your health. Did you do a milk week? Some people find that increasing the number of calories increases the weight loss, at least temporarily.

I've often heard it said that exercise can slow weight loss, one reason being that you increase your muscle mass - which is much heavier than fat - however you will ultimately benefit by raising your metabolic rate.

Rather than relying on what the scales tell you - do some measurements to see if you are still losing fat, which is the important thing.

You may have hit a plateau - just keep going with the 4 packs a day and you will keep losing weight.


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oooh yeah, I forgot about milk week. I idid it and still lost 2lbs and it did help boost my weight loss. In fact yuou have reminded me, I should be doing milk week this week as well. I will try it and see.

I also have 2 stone left to loose. I am starting to feel a lot better in myself so that is a good thing. As Anders said, take your measurements and see the difference there. Does your councilor not do them? Mine does them every 4 weeks (the week we have our bp done).

Keep us informed as to how you get on. Good luck x x


is loving CWP xx
When you have done 12 weeks on LL you have to have a week where you add (I think if I remember rightly) 400ml of milk per day. It will tell you all about it in your green foundation book at the back. It is also called low calorie week. quite a lot of people don't do it as they just want to carry on loosing weight. But I found that it really helped as you can start to feel light headed after a while.
Thanks everyone! :)

Actually, I didn't do milk week as didn't feel I needed to do it at that time and wasn't feeling any dizziness etc..

Our LLC doesn't take our measurements every 4 weeks, I've only had them done twice, when I started and when I finished foundation. I think I need to take my own!

Thanks again everyone :)

Kate x
Don't cut down on packs!! You MUST have all 4 packs!! You put yourself at helath risks iv you go below the already low calorie count!

Also - exercising too much at this stage in this type of diet will cause losses to slow down if not stop.

You are doing two things to speed it up when in reality you are probably slowing it down. When the body fears starvation, it stops losing and hold onto all respources to see it through the drought.

Get back to 4 a day - No lapsing, etc., and the weigh will shift - be it 1 pound a week - for 4 weeks, or 5 pounds a go - it ALL comes off. And it ALL averages out.

Don't concern yoursel with speed - concern yourself with results and lessons learnt. ;)

Just play by the rules, that have worked for so many before any of us, and now us. It is an abstinance diet. Do not even THINK eating will help speed you up - that would be diet-suicide. Ask others who have lapsed planned or otherwise - worst idea ever!

good luck.



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It's easy to get hung up on the quick results thing - remember you're in this for the long haul!

Until recently I was weighing myself every day to see how I was getting on. My LLC said I really shouldn't and should only weigh in at the weekly sessions. - I've taken this on board. It is tempting to try and speed up the process but I don't think it is possible really.
I know you are all right (and great advice), I guess I'm too impatient! :p

I feel much better now so thanks everyone. Back to 4 packs a day it is then!

Kate x
Wpw....I missed this thread. I have had rubbish losses for the last 3 weeks losing about half a pound a week. But I have stayed focussed and things have started to move again so you are not alone. This week I lost 4lb and hopefully will continue now. Also I have noticed that my ankles are swollen which is a sure sign of water retention.
This will obviusly affect weight loss but as soon as these ankles go down..woohoo...hopefully big losses to follow...lol
my losses were erratic and seemed slow compared to others, but i stuck with it and lost 3 stone 2 in foundation and now nearly 4 and a half
def do milk week if you haven't already
daisy x
stick with it - it does work


I Can Do This!
I've had a period of slow losses too. Stick with it, exercise more or less or differently and make sure you keep the water intake up. It will start to shift again, at least it is still a loss each and every week. xx


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Sometimes your body just needs a bit of time to catch up with the rapid weight loss. It's not at all unusual to plateau for several weeks when dieting; it's annoying but the trick is just to keep going.

I lost 4lb in my milk week (or soya milk week in my case).

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