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Help - How do you choose a target if you've always been overweight?!

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Just wondered how everyone picks their final target. Originally my target was 12 and a half stone which is what I weighed when I left school.

I'm fitting into size 12s now and that was all I wanted to be able to do but I'm still not within the healthy bmi range for my height (5'8").

Various people are saying 'you're fine as you are/don't lose anymore, etc, etc' and I've never had much faith in my own opinions so I don't know what to do!

Sorry - what a moaner but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you
Christine xx
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In my opinion, you should maintain when you feel completely comfortable and happy with yourself. If you've always been overweight then I can understand that it's hard to set a final target weight.
You mentioned your BMI and I think that's a great way to find an average weight for your height and bone structure.
Don't worry about it, when you get to the weight your meant to be at, you'll just know. ;)

Scouzer. x
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I think when your body is struggling to lose 1/2lb a week then you know you're pretty near target. That's what I'm using for my basis anyway!
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I agree with Stacey, however, you should set your target to what ever you feel most comfortable at. If you reach your target weight and then decide that you want to loose a little more, if your body lets you then do it mate.


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I set my target at 10stone - nice and round lol and within my healthy BMI - from past experience, it's also an easy weight to maintain for myself without sticking to any diet strictly. Although I need to be aware otherwise I put 2 stone lol (past experience!)
S: 14st13lb C: 14st3lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st10lb(4.78%)
Thanks for your advice - I do still feel I have more to lose and when I'm 100% on plan I'm still having good losses so my body must be happy to still be losing the weight. I think I was just having a crisis of confidence about where I'm headed!

Will head towards a healthy bmi and see how I feel after that.

Thanks again
Christine xx
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I am in the same position.

Originally I set a goal of 13 stone as that was the lowest I have ever weighed in my adult life and I liked how I looked. I changed it not long after as somehow I just KNEW that this time my weight loss was going to be really successful, so I decided for getting in the 'healthy' BMI range which for me means 10 stone 13- coincidentally this will mean an 8 stone loss.

People are already starting to tell me I have lost enough and shouldn't carry on- but I will know when I get there. I am still open to changing my mind if I decide to stop before my goal OR if I get to goal and still feel I want to lose some........ it's just so difficult to gauge if you have never been thin!


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I would just carry on until you feel happy and know it's maintainable. In my opinion BMI is a load of poo anyway - it's misleading and, I feel, a tad dangerous as it can make people stress about their weight when it's not needed because it only considers basic information.

Plus, a chart of weights V heights and BMI doesn't equate to health, happiness or anything else that matters...so pffft to BMI ;-)

So do what feels good to you and well done on the loss so far xxx


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I too set my target at 141 lbs (64 kilos) but I reached that in August and still feel I'm a bit flabby round the middle, so I adjusted it down to a round figure (no pun intended!) of 60 kilos or 132 lbs. It's your shout - not up to those who say you look fine.
It's up to you hun and no-one else! People will tell you that you look great and don't need to lose any more, but that is probably because you have lost so much and look great but you only you will know if you are happy at that weight.
Don't worry too much about BMI, I agree with Sticky, it's only a guide anyway. I'm at the top end of my healthy range and to be "ideal" I need to lose another stone. Not gonna happen!!

Keep assessing how you feel as you lose each couple of pound for example, you will know when you get there. Don't set it so low that you struggle to maintain, and the others are right, when you really struggle to lose any more weight, it's time to stop! You have less than a stone to lose hun but if you stop after half a stone, it doesn't matter if you are happy.

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Hi Christine ~ I reckon the advice you've been given above is all pretty good, remember that it's YOUR body, YOUR weight and YOUR target!

Having met you in person, I think you look lovely! Having looked at your "before" photos, I can see why others may well be saying you're "fine as you are", I get the same thing now ........... it's good in some ways isn't it? I know I want to lose another 4 1/2lbs coz I've set a 10st target because it sounds like a nice number, lol - so I'm still aiming for that, and I know I'll feel great about it the closer I come to it!

I don't think it's what anyone else thinks what size / weight that you should be that matters to you, or me or anyone else for that matter, it's all about what YOU think that matters!

The BMI debate that always has people arguing their side is all very well and good, and I reckon it really should be thought of as a "guide" and not something set in stone!

All the best to you and remember to give yourself a pat on the back for the weightloss so far girl!

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