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Help I Cant Change My Avatar Pic....

There should be a bit saying custom avatar pic?
I can seee you!! Wheyy :D:D xx
Yer.... how do i get a ticker thingy?? x
Thats in your signiture bit hun... edit signiture.. then you can put whatever u want :D xx
Yay well done you!! We just have to work out how to do the ticker thingy!! How did u do today ? xx


Got To Keep Counting :D
Hey chels! well im not in college because of the bad weather so im on here again! i had 2 poached eggs and a tin of beans yum! you? x


Staff member
Thankyou guys :D:D swchick10.. crap about college.. where abouts are you based? Im in worthing and we have about 4 bloody inches! I had branflakes, yogurt & banana for breakfast :D
Couscous with cucumber and tomatoes with three rivita sesame with 3 cheese triangles :D For dinner i am doing stuffed mushrooms :p:p x What you doing for dinner x


Got To Keep Counting :D
im based in liverpool woo :D haha so the ice is kinda freezing into ice now and i dont want too be skating to the bus stop! i actually dont know yet! i was thinking of making wedges!!! but might have lasange x
Corr SW wedges are yummmy!! How do u do yours? x


Got To Keep Counting :D
well it will be my first time making them so im just going to make them like chips but put alot of salt and pepper on them, why is there a diff way! lol x
I personally do them with mixed herbs/garlic/salt/pepper and anything else i fancy from my cupboard... Do u have frylight in? x


Got To Keep Counting :D
yep! my mum uses frylight! just have to spray it over them dont i? i dont even feel hugry! can i have a coup of soup its that chef the man called ainsley dont no if you know them! x
I wouldn't recommend the wedges if your not hungry ... may hurt your tummy lol!! I dont know the soup .. they may be syned?! There is a syn forum on here i think... not sure x

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