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Help :( i cant wait to start eating again!

Hi all,

Urgh i am sorry, i only ever seem to post when i need help!
I have 12 weeks of ss left...start working up the plans in April and then back on weightwatchers in May. Then getting married May bank holiday weekend!! weee!!

Atm i weight 16st 7lbs and should hopefully be in the 14s by then (if not the 13s) its a HUGE difference from last year when i was 22st! (have lost 3st since beginning of Nov when i started CD)

I guess the problem is that the end is in sight and tbh im getting excited about being able to rediscover food again! (i have one or 2 ss+ meals a week to keep my bowels moving and as a treat)

I just keep thinking about food. I havent broken the diet all over xmas and i dont plan on it but i really am thinking about food soo much atm! is this normal?

I just wanna lose as much as possible before my wedding and honeymoon and of course...trying for a baby!

Just dont know what to do. I apologise if none of it makes sense. Think i need some encouragement and advice.

Thanks all

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Hi Burger,
I am in almost the exact situation as you. I am getting married on the 30th of May and also want to try for a baby right after that. Those are 2 amazing goals, 2 of the most important things you can do in your life so well worth going through CD for.
Well done on your weight loss so far. You have done soooooo well and I am inspired by you since i have only just started on CD.

First question is: why are you thinking about food? are you actually hungry? if the answer is yes, then drink more water and try splitting your shakes us.
If the answer is no, your not physically hungry, but you just want to eat something and enjoy food again that is fair enough but is it worth it right now? Why are you thinking about food? Are you bord? are you stressed about the wedding? Dig deep and try and figure it out because if you do not find the source of your "hunger" you will just pile the weight back on once you start eating again.
I have been given 2 very strong mantra's from some very wise women on this site and i think about them all the time when i have a craving to eat:

"If hunger is not the problem, food is not the answer"

"Has food ever really done anything for you? is food really your friend?"
If your like me, food is a comfort. yes, it feels like a friend but friends look out for your best interest, food does not. As my CDC said - food is an inanimate object. it is only there to keep you alive. it does not care if you eat it or not, it does not care about you. it is fuel. that is all. any importance you place on it is in your head.
Keep your goal clear in your mind. Celebrate your success so far and think about how much more you will achive in the next 12 weeks.
Picture your wedding day and how wonderful you will feel having shed those stones. think about that moment when you tell your new husband you are pregnant and how happy you will both be and remember that you need to be a healthy weight to make that happen and to give your baby the best start in life.
I think about a baby alot and i think, if i cant make this commitment now to my future child, how can i commit to being a good mother once i have them?
You are doing so well. You have come so far. You are an insperation to those of us who have just started. Keep it up. You deserve to be happy and to have the things you dream of. Food will always be there. Now is the time to give yourself what you want. Fodd will wait.
All the best,
Thanks :)

Dont get me wrong, im not craving LOADS of food. The plan is to be on ww when i finish the diet (which worked well for me before just not fast enough for my wedding day) then i will either stay on that or do slimming world whilst pregnant so i dont pile on the pounds.
I do alot of cooking at home. Once a week i make my OH a curry (from scratch, no jars:) ) it lasts him 4 days! problem is..s much as i love him....his breath smells of garlic etc which doesnt help me lol! but he is soo supportive and its his fav food (he has lost weight too tho hes not fat anyway)

I think the problem is that i havent been very good with water drinking lately (im working on it) and i look at my chicken and broccoli and think...OMG i cant wait til i can have a small portion of curry...i will feel like a queen. I am able to stop myself with portion sizes. As i did WW for a year i sorted out my problems before i started CD. So i know that when i go back to eating i will be in control. If you get what i mean.
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Have you looked at possibly gettting yourself some tandoori chicken as a treat one night. It won't knock you out of ketosis as there is nothing on it you can't have and it may just be what you need to kill the curry craving.


is going to loose!
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Stick with it. It's the water, well lack of. Or remember you can have the stock drink I love this and drink it when I'm bored.

I do 790 and a combo of calorie counting and exercise and I loose about 1 kilo a week. Today is day 2 and the second night, I'm in OZ, that I am going to bed not having over eaten and know, and very much looking forward to getting up in the morning and feeling thinner than today.

Go and find something to preoccupy your mind with darl and you'll be fine. Find a photo of you really fat and use it to look at inspiration to keep going.

You can do this babe!!
S: 17st2lb C: 17st2lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
good idea about the tandoori chicken i make it myself, or used to, with skinless chick breast and fat free natural yoghurt and spices. it wont kick you out of ketosis and if you make it yourself, it will not onyl be carb free but low fat as well. and it saves you from the temptation of getting other things from the indian take away.

Just realised. It may be cos my TOTM is due in afew days. THat might not be helping. IT weird really. When i started CD i was worried that it would screw up my periods etc but i have always been regular and still am. Thank god!

I put spices on my chicken, tandoori incuded...thanks tho.

Dont worry i REFUSE to fail at the last hurdles. I also realised its only 11 weeks hehe...2 days of that are almost up!

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