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HELP! I just cracked!! I've let myself and the Dukan team down!

S: 10st3lb C: 9st4lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st13lb(9.09%)
Guys - help! I feel terrible - I am soo close to goal - i was on day 26 of cruise out of 38 and today i cracked! all week i was craving chocolate and cake and icecream and i've been to birthday parties galore and sustained my will to dukan but today I came home from work to open the fridge and secretly devour the remaining birthday cake then had a snickers and an icecream and 4 biscuits!! In the space of about 3 hours, I've managed to consume a whopping 2000 kcals plus my dukan friendly breakfast and dinner. I'm so disappointed bcause I am 2 days away from my Spain holiday and tomorrow is supposed to be weigh in and now im terrified of the 'damage' i have done. How do I make things better? How far off from goal am I now having popped a hole in my balloon?? How can someone binge in such a ridiculous way? It's incredible. Please some advice.. I don't know how to pick up from here and I'm just so disappointed in myself. :break_diet:
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Hey finalcountdown - you have to immediately stop saying you have let yourself down - you haven't at all, you have just temporarily allowed your old eating habits to rule your decisions.
The fact that you know what you ate, and that you are aware of what tempted you makes it easier to rectify the slip.
I'd say you just need a simple plan to get yourself back on track, and put yourself back in total control of you're eating:
1 - Go to the fridge, throw away any remaining cake, biscuits or ice cream (or feed it to your family immediately!)
2 - Have some water, and plan your meal for tomorrow - have a PP day.
3 - Stop fretting ;)

What you have done is put calories into your body it didn't really need. It's not like you kicked a puppy!:eek: I promise, you will feel better if you can just organise your food plan and get some control back.
You have done so well, keep your eye on the end goal, which is so close. Beating yourself up will not help you in the long run.
I hope you can feel a bit better about this soon - sending you hugs, thoughts of lean chicken and cups of water :rainbow:


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Breathe! As CoCoMo says, you didn't kick a puppy, or declare war on North Korea.

Have a couple of PP days. Drink plenty of water, and walk as much as you can.

And - (this might sound odd) - but why not reward yourself with a favourite) pp food. A good steak, or a lobster for example - (I have no idea what your favourite would be like! - Mine would be frozen vanilla yogurt in the icecream maker, with a few drops of rose flavouring) - something to remind yourself that even Dukaneers can be self indulgent.


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Please some advice.. I don't know how to pick up from here and I'm just so disappointed in myself. :break_diet:
This type of thing happens to most of us, the idea is to pick yourself up and continue.
The journey is not going to be without any blips. good luck:D


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and do some extra exercise which will make you FEEL good...

you need to put this behind you and look forward to your holiday... Do you intend sticking to Dukan on holiday?
S: 10st3lb C: 9st4lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st13lb(9.09%)
Thank you thank you!! :) you've made me feel much better - today has been a good start - lots of water, heading to the gym to do a fitness class now and had oatbran porridge for breakfast with yog, for lunch will have grilled chicken and for dinner mixed seafood! that's my fave - prawns and squid lol prob not everyone's fave...

On holiday I plan to continue with cruise as much as possible - I'm going to malaga so will stick to fish whenever possible and try to stick to the pp/pv day but not beat myself up if i have to do more pv days. It's only from Wednesday night to Sunday night so shouldn't be too bad. Thank you for your kind words lol and no I didn't kick a puppy! Or start a war in North Korea - just a blip and I'm back in control. Thank you for helping me back on track xxx

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