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help! I need to break my addiction to the scales!


Laserbeams set on goal
Hello lovelies,

I've developed this compulsion to jump on the scales every 5 minutes at home -- and it's driving me crackers, and not doing me any good! For example, this morning I weighed 18st 8 (woo hoo!) and this evening I weighed 18st 13 (eep!). Had I not weighed myself this evening I would have been a happy bunny!!

I weigh myself before a wee. I weigh myself after a wee. I weigh myself after a drink. I weigh myself after changing my clothes. I weigh myself in shoes. I weigh myself in trainers. I weigh myself in bare feet!!!... it's driving me nuts!!! And always get despondent if it shows a higher reading than I think it should.

The bizarre thing is, I know I weigh heavier in an evening. And until a week or two ago, once a week was enough, so what's up with me? :(

Me xxxx
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My hubby hid mine so I can't weigh myself lol x


Laserbeams set on goal
My hubby hid mine so I can't weigh myself lol x
*Shakes fist at reputation function*

Apparently I need to spread myself around before I can do you again Camille!! :giggle:

'Tis a very good idea... although I can imagine myself getting stroppy with my loverly OH for hiding them, bless him!!

I find it's worse because they're digital and they measure in quarter pounds. My old ones was a case of 'hmm, roughly estimate what pound it's pointing at' :D
Ha ha you sound like me, I'm sure my scales hates the weekends when I am home more LOL

I dont worry about it, I only care about the first thing in the morning weight, but just cant help jumping on it whenever I pass.

Just try not to let it affect your mood, then you do need to hide it :)


Staying on plan!
I was always like this on previous diets lol.
Made the decision this time to not use the scales at all (OH taken the batteries out!) and have my weigh in on a monday (so i have to be good over the weekend) and surprisingly i have stuck to it!
Don't worry about the addiction, I think its extremely common on a diet where you loose weight very quickley!

I used to do w.w before cambridge and was never really tempted to get on the scales at home,I always waited until my weekly weigh in but with cambridge I'm on them constantly.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that you almost need to see the numbers going down quickley in order to stay motivated as its such an extreme diet and your mind needs to be reassured that its worth the effort!(well thats my reasoning behind it anyway!)

I'm thinking of putting both(yes I have 2 sets of scales, even worse as I compare what they both say) in the loft and trying just to stick to my weekly meeting with my counsellor. Easier said than done though!!

I'm thinking of putting both(yes I have 2 sets of scales, even worse as I compare what they both say) in the loft
:scale::scale: lol I am so happy i am not the only one with 2 scales, yes in the same bathroom, stand on one, then check it out on the other one!!! I neglected to mention that the last time :)
I have 2 sets of scales, one digital one not.

I use the digital ones as they're more accurate, and also they always make me seem a few lbs heavier so I should get a lovely surprise on Thursday morning (WI time!)

Don't use my non digital ones cause they're rubbish :p

But yeah, I scale hop every time I go to the toilet, cause they're in the bathroom :p
As far as I'm concerned, it's only a problem if it bothers you if you gain an lb or 2 during the day.

Jenni x


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I don't own a set of scales so just rely on my CDC's at my weekly meeting. It's something to really look forward too!

PS I don't own a set because I know that I would be just like you! XX


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I try and do every morning although the most demotivating thing is a gain in a lb or 2. I did CD last year and was so obsessed. This time, I dont want to be as crazy......BUT it is so hard!


Step away from the chips!
I weigh every morning & night but rarely in between times.

However.........i'm currently obsessed with the difference between what i weigh at night compared to the next morning. There only ever 3lbs max of a difference and more usually 1 or 2. Maybe i need to get more than 5 hours sleep and i'd see a bigger change ;)


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well i weigh myself every morning without clothes on post wee, as i'm sure we all do :) i might do the same thing at night, but only out of interest. it doesn't bother me if they've gone up over the day. i've just bought digital ones because my others were so naff.

i don't jump on every time i've had a wee because we know we gain weight over the day with water retention. that's why we have a wee in the morning despite not drinking water overnight. so...

if my weight goes up one day it doesn't bother me. i am a scale hopper, but the weight doesn't 'count' until official weigh in day. tuesday.

abz xx
i have 2 sets of scales in my bedroom, yet i only use them once a week, dont get dissapointed then x

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