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Help! I'm confused!


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Right, so I didn't have a CDC but now I have discovered the one who is 30 miles away will travel to me. Bless her!

Anyway, after a 40 min phone conversation she's told me things I never really knew. My old CDC didn't even weigh me or give me the books, she just sold me the packets and kicked me out the door!

Anyway, she says if I want to exercise I can't do SS. I do about an hour of exercise 5-7 days a week and she says I have to stop that. I don't want to!

She says if I want to carry on exercising I need to do a higher plan, but I am scared the weightloss won't be as good.

Does anyone else do a higher plan with exercise and what type of losses do you get?

I' scared of making the wrong decision and messing it all up!

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Hi i met my CDC last night and she said light exercise for the first few weeks is ok but if u feel light headed sit down but once im a few weeks in a can carry on doing my normal exercise...aqua arobics and power walking.

Im not too sure what others are told tho?
i've always exercised no matter what cd plan i was on but it does slow the losses for me :(

i've ran up to 6 miles on ss (not recommended though). running on empty is supposed to burn more fat too.

i would say leave it 2 weeks then do a class and see how you feel. if you can't do it then do the 810 plan.


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Thanks for your help. The problem I have is she explained all this to my hubby as well and now he says it's dangerous to exercise! Argghhh!!!

I think I may have to do the 810 plan so that he doesn't worry every time I go to the gym. If my weight losses are rubbish then I'm going back to ss though.

Now I have to work out what the 810 plan means!!!


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Its definitely not dangerous to exercise - there was a thread on here a while back explaining the current research which says its fine. In the past it was thought that it was better not to exercise and some CDCs don't seem to be aware of the more recent research. I'll have a look when I get back home and see if I can find the thread - pity goreygirls not online - she would find it in a flash! There are a lot of girls doing the 30 day shred on SS - have a look at that thread if you want reassurance


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Oh, if the actual guidelines have changed then I might ask my CDC about it again when she comes to see me. Perhaps she doesn't realise. If she says it's okay then I can tell hubs and all will be back to normal. Yeay!

Thanks for all your help and advice.


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Its not so much a change in policy - My CDC told me the official line(checked again today) was take it easy for the first week or 2 , and that exercise is positively encouraged if you have been doing it before but to be cautious about starting a brand new exercise routine if you have previously not done any. however a lot of people do find exercise slows weightloss on a VLCD.

heres a link to one thread(sorry don't know how to do proper links) Which explains how it all fits in and busts a few myths - it gets a bit tetchy as you read on trough but the stuff in the first post is spot .onhttp://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/180933-exercise-fat-muscle-holy-grail-dieting.html

Still looking for the other thread which had links to research material


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Hi. A study in the 80s proposed that exercise on vlcds could lead to loss of lean muscle mass however more recent studies have shown this is not the case at all. Studies have also shown that those who develop a regular exercise routine while on such diets are more likely to maintain weight loss. As with all exercise routines though you need to take into account your current weight and fitness levels and be sensible about initial intensity and how you build it up.
here is the quote from goreygirls post - but can't find the one with the link...will keep looking

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