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help...i'm not sure

went to my first meeting this morning:)
i'm still a little unsure so if I post what i've eaten today can you tell me if i'm on a red day or EE...the difference between the 2 is still confusing me!

Breakfast I had fruit...a banana and a pear.
Lunch I had tinned tuna, 2 bard boiled eggs, lettuce, toms, red onion and green beans
Banana mid afternoon.
Dinner lean braising steak done in slow cooker with carrots leeks mushrooms celery garlic beef stock...new potatoes as HEB
Milk in coffee during the day as HEA
I plan to have a glass of wine as syns.
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sounds like an EE day to me, because as far as i know you have to eat 2 HEX A and 2 HEX b on red day,
i may be wrong i 2 am new, but i started a thread yest called "whats the difference between EE and Red " have a look at it :)


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You're not really doing either.

If it was an extra easy day you can have potatoes as a free food and so that would mean you didn't have a HEB.

But then you're also not doing red because on red you need to have 2 HEBs and you would only have had one - the potatoes.

I think you might find it easier if you re-read your book and plan you day in advance, checking everything as you go along. It's a bit like learning a new language, you would expect to be fluent overnight so don't worry about it too much. It'll soon become second nature.
Right....now I think i've finally got it!!!

If I do EE I can have potatoes, rice pasta and grains freely and still choose 1HEA and one HEB choice. If I do a red day I could choose pasta and potatoes as my 2 HEB choices?

EE seems to good to be true! I'm sorry that it's taking me so long to get it into my head but I so want to get it right and succeed!
yep you've got it now, you could have pasta or potatoes as your HEB if you weigh them, or if you want more you can syn them. EE does sound too good to be true doesn't it, try it and see how you get on. i only do Green days as i don't eat meat and they are great as you can eat 2 HEA's and B's each day and as much pasta ,rice and potatoes as you like. I eat lots of Quorn though, which some love and others hate:)
have a good week
many thanks for the help and advice. As i'm new to SW and only went to my first class yesterday I'm going to do the EE plan and see how I get on. I love fruit, veg meat and fish and cook from scratch everyday so I don't think it will be too hard to fit the plan around the family. Looking at my books before starting the plan I think I probably didn't eat anywhere near enough carbs. I would generally have skipped breakfast...had a salad type lunch and then carbs just with my evening meal. Obviously I will be changing all of that now and hopefully losing weight too...hopefully, but I am determined!

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