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Help - is this possible ??

Hiya was wondering if its possible to ever get a flat stomach even with a section scar? Im 13 stone and want to be about 9 stone

If youve been in the same situation as me please give me your advice about how you done it

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Mrs V

Loves Life!
I've had two sections and a gastric band fitted. I dont think you will ever be entirely flat hun, but you can do some exercises to help your muscles knit back tighter. Swimming is perfect for it or aqua aerobics if you can't swim. It's low impact and won't put a strain on your scar. I'm currently 13s 2lbs (after baby gain) and I'm aiming to get to 10s 7. I was originally 21s 7lbs and thankfully got away with the over hangs of skin. Your age will play a part as well, skin looses it's elasticity the older you are :( it will go back but will take a little longer. I hope this helps answer your question. X
Thanks for replying. I know itll never be flat again but I want it flat enough so its not noticable. Iv just started swimming again so hopefully it will help & well done on ur weight loss


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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Thank you! You will get flatter from swimming that's for sure!
Hope so ! Just want rid of ' the belly ' haha

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Had this discussion at work with a guy who lost 7 stone - he has just aout got away with it but lost his weight when in his late 20s

I've lost about the same but have 20 years disadvantage - apparently without surgery, only someone young can get a flat-pack - unless they are either very lucky, or have surgery.

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