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Help - I've binged

I started to refeed on mon 22nd and followed everything to a T, but then this weekend I have eaten nearly everything in site.

I wasnt going to refeed until the week before my hol, but as all of my pre-bought hol clothes were getting too big I thought that I would start early. My last weigh in was 10 stone 11lb and I was wearing a size 12.

I feel so upset that I have done this. All the hard work and determination to start afresh.

I have learned my lesson and want to stop it now so have decided to do another week on LT and then refeed again properly. I plan to join WW straight away aswell. Will this work, will I go into ketosis and be able to reprogramme my eating patterns again. I WILL NOT DO THIS AGAIN!

I never even licked my fingers during LT and am so mad with myself.

Please can I have some advice of what to do. I feel that i need to go back onto LT, is this the right thing to do?
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One last chance
There's no point in beating yourself up over the binge. I too binged and it was really bad, I ate through 2 large bars of chocolate and ate so much fruit. I gained a stone :(.

Just set yourself straight and follow a plan that works for you ok hunny? :hug99:
Thanks for sharing that with me Yasmine. I know that I need to get back onto it asap. Hopefully I can loose some of the gain in a week.

Have you managed not to do it again. I feel really scared about it happening again.


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Its not a good idea to start and stop TFR. Okay, you have had a binge, but just stop right now and start afresh, cutting down over the next few days will undo any damage that has been caused. I certainly wouldnt go back onto TFR just because of a binge.

Tomorrow is a new day hun, just get straight back onto sensible eating and you will be fine.
Thanks Mary

I just feel so heavy and bloated. I want to feel like I do on LT. I have noticed that by eating rubbish I feel very lifeless. :-( I need to get motivated and move the lbs I will have put on.

Went for a meal on fri night with the girls from uni (end of course) and had chicken and salad (good start) but then some chips! Didnt know that it came with them but I ate them any way.

I must have eaten 3 bounty's over the weekend. I have had a KFC chicken wrap and some homemade crumble with cream. I ate a bag of monster munch and have had 3 cans of diet coke, 1/2 packet of biscuits and 3 toffees. A tuna on a small baquette (no spread) and 3 apples, a bun and some pringles.

This is food since friday - I have had nothing healthy, apart from the apples!. I actually feel quite sick.

I can hardly breath I have eaten that much.


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It depends really on when you are going on holiday, because you would need to do a proper 2 week refeed before your holiday anyway, but to be honest, if I was you, I would get straight onto the refeed bandwagon tomorrow morning and just put it behind you. I would also try and up my exercise to reduce any damage that has been caused by glycogen levels filling up quicker. Good luck hun, I am sure you will be fine and the bloatedness will go by tomorrow. All the best.
I have been doing aerobics 3 times a week so I will also go to the gym in between. Thank you, it has helped to know what to do for the best.



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I agree with Kered, its about the rest of your life. There are times you will binge, but make sure it does not happen often. I have been on holiday and had a few days off for my daughter's graduation when I did not eat as healthy as I like. However between times got straight back on too healthy eating and watched the carbs and I have still lost another 1 pound on maintenance.
It's all a learning process, I for one, have to stop thinking about GOOD food and BAD food. I really can't say that I will NEVER have a binge, but I can say that I no longer look on food as a boredom-reliever or an emotional balm.

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