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HELP - I've completely lost track and petrified of weigh in tomorrow

Hiya all,

It's been two weeks since my last weigh in and i'm crapping myself. I'm sooooo embarrased.

Two weeks ago i had gained 3.5lbs after spending a long weekend with in laws and having to eat the food they provided (white bread, processed burgers and sausauges on the barbie every day!!).

I went away feeling deflated as i was on week 5 of a 12 week countdown.

The day after my baby fell poorly and was admitted to hospital - he's been in and out ever since and i've been living on crap! I really tried hard to find healthy optionsa t the hospital but ended up living on toast and sandwiches, and the odd indian / takeaway when he was back at home.

He's absolutley fine now - but i just knw i've completely messed it up.

I've seriously thought about not going again - but i really am determined to lose weight for our Jollies in October to Cyprus and our wedding in Rhodes next year.

I'm so embarrased as in 5 weeks my total weighloss had dropped to 3.5lbs - and i'm probably heavier now then when i first weighed in.... :cry::cry:
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Go to weigh in and see what it says,if you have gained then you will know and you can start a fresh.You done the best that you could in the circumstances and at least your baby is ok. Good luck for tommorow :)
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Glad your little one is well again now. I really think in the circumstances you shouldn't be so hard on yourself - your consultant certainly won't be!

I'm in the same boat, through one thing and another I've skipped class twice now (once to visit someone in hospital and then for my brothers b'day tea, the week after I just couldn't face it) but as I'm really determined to lose weight for my holiday in September (hoping to drop a dress size in 8 weeks) I'm going to just go back to class. At least that way I'll know the damage and what has to be done.

I think you'll feel much better if you go back.

J x


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Dont be so hard on yourself you have been under a lot of stress in the last few weeks and i think it is more important to worry about your little man than worry about what is going in your mouth!

Go to group though otherwise what was a difficult couple of weeks off plan could turn into a month then longer! Im sure that every single person at group will understand and will be happy to offer you advice and encouragement! Use your holiday as a goal to get back on track maybe set yourself a target? Good luck on your journey and remember you can do it!
I emailed my consultant and she was so supportive and said she wished other people in her groups were so honest! pmsl

I went and weighed in yesterday morning and lost 2.lbs! :D As the smiley shows i was beaming from ear to ear.

I'm now back on track and looking forward to the week ahead 100% food optimising. I did waver a little last night as after having a couple of glasses of wine i had a small bag of mini cheddars that put me over my syn level - but never mind.

Today i'm off out for lunch with friends - but now what i'm haiving and i'm cooking stuffed chicken breasts, roast veggies and fat free sauce for dinner this evening..:)


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brilliant news!!

Well done for going to class, I'm so proud of you as I know it would have been difficult for you! *huggles*

Mrs V

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Hey Huni...its definitely better to face the scales and then work on the outcome than shy away from it all.
Just imagine if you hadnt gone, given up, you could very well be back at square one and even more depressed....well done for facing up to it. Your consultant sounds great, giving you the encouragement that you needed to get back to it.
Concentrate now and the weight will come off again.
I hope baby is ok now.



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well done hunny :)

**big hugs**

Alyce x
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well done hun!
can i have some of your enthuiasm please as im very scared about friday's weigh in! its suposed to be star week, but im still not on yet, took last pill on saturday so im sure it will be any day *hopes*
S: 13st6lb C: 13st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 0st4lb(2.13%)
Well done for going to class ....... and what a result!! I think I'm going back tonight, I can't email my consultant but when I turn up I might just ask if I can pretend I'm starting from scratch (unless I've lost weight of course! lol)!

Glad you're feeling motivated again.

J x


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Well done! And now you sound right back in charge again! Go for it girl!
Thank-you all sooooo much!

I'm sat here smelling the gorgeous locally made Lincolnshire sausages from our butcher that my 5 year old is having for tea and i'm starving.

Went out for lunch and never ordered any foood - too busy gossiping and then realised i had to dash! :-0

Chicken breasts i took out for tea are not defrosted either so quick change to the menu for tonight!

Now having feta and bacon stuffed aubergines, with roased garlic and rosemary new potatoes and roast tomatoes and peppers!!

I am sooooo hungry - BUT keeping focused..... xx

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