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Help I've eaten a crisp (and slice of ham)

:sigh: I have no excuses other than I wasn't thinking. I just made kids a sandwich each and its a bad habit I've got of pinching a slice of ham and a crisp as I make them. It didn't occur to me til I'd finished making them and now I'm gutted.

Iknow I'm being overly dramatic but I just thought I should share with you how naughty I was and how easy it is to slip into bad habits. :mad:
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i know just how easy it is im only on day 2 but found myself nearly licking the jam off the knife at breakfast, and at dinner if the kids leave a chicken nugget i just feel like eating it, but then i look at all your posts and i know it will all be worthwhile X
It is so easy! I put an oven chip in my mouth last night and had to spit it out straight away. It made me realise why/ how I got to be the size I am - picking at food all the time the calories would soon add up. I think food for me was a really bad habit and I hope tfr will break help me break it.
Its also just as easy not to pick, now stop it and be a good girl, early night for you young lady
you asking:px
i have the same problem have now told the kids to shout at me if they see me putting some food in my mouth. it is the worst time though when i've cooked dinner. But i dont want the scales to go in the wrong direction next time. lol


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Its mad the habits you get into. I used to sit with my older baby feeding her a huge plate of mashed food and be so proud of her when she ate it all. Now she only takes a third of her dinner and mashes the rest in her hair. Why did she eat it before..... She didn't .....I DID
I know what you mean about the baby food i always test to see if its to hot with my tongue now i cant im sure he would cry if it was to hot lol
It is so easily done. On my first day I licked a bit of food off my finger whilst cooking the children's tea before I realised and had to quickly rinse out my mouth!!! Now I try to think first and wipe my fingers on the tea towel instead!

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