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help keep me on track pweeees! vikkiy85

hello thought id do this to try look at what i do eat, i do extra easy, and i cant cook lol! so here goes !

day 1

banana and apple , cup of tea. milk hea

jacket potatoe with beans and a big side salad with no dressing but still was yummy =]

stir fried loads of veg with fry light and some soy sauce
batchelors savoury rice beef flavours

bananas, tea (sweetner and hea milk)
2 alpen light bars as heb
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On track to target
hi vikkiy, looks like today could've been green which would give you an extra HEA & HEB...

I started a diary a couple of weeks back as I'd put on unexpectedly, and writing means you keep a proper note, and B I feel like I won't cheat :)

will you be having anything later for supper, as it doesn't look like you've had much, and no syns at all today
yeah i dont seem to of had much meat which is odd! i will possibly sneam another alpen bar in i bloody love them lol. i have to be extar good with syns this week though cos i went a little mental in the ikea canteen the weekend with chips and cake ! lol =] xxx
right then, ive put on this week super gutted =[ so here goes anyway

none cos i was out the house really early and didnt have a chance and no alpen bars in

loads of stir fry veg ( had to use it up by today)
low fat chilli supernoodles

2 pieces of wm bread from 400gr loaf. (heb)
bolied egg in the middle (got no mayo of any kind lol!)
grilled tomato on the george forman yum yum!

snack , tea skimmed milk hea, and apple, plum and an orange.


On track to target
oh well, we all put on from time to time, just dust yourself down, and start afresh :)

Looks like another could've been green day, and if you eat the alpens - then with 2 lots of HEB, means you can still have bread, cereal, whatever or weighed meat/fish when you fancy.
I only do EE from time to time

Again, you've not really eaten much, I know it sounds strange, but the less you eat, the more likely you'll put on or lose very little.
thanks debridger i have started to eat a bit more today as i think u could be right =]

apple orange and plums covered in fat free yogurt

bacon sandwhich (was naughty really my nan made it for me and then was sad was i tried to refuse lol)
2 peices of white bread 6 syns
bacon was grilled and took fat off
brown sauce 2 syns?!

huge stir fry with chicken and veg ( finally used it all up lol was getting dull!)
and fat free super noodles chilli flavour

snacks. loads of tea with skimmed milk hea
and when asda man turns up with my shopping ( lazy !) 2 alpen light bars yummy yummy!

ps i will eat something other than bloody stir fry just had a huhe amount of mushrooms and beansprouts in and i hate waste!
also when the asda man came i ahd 2 alpen light bars mwarmed up in the microwave with some oranges and fat free yogurt on, was sooo nice!

anyway its till very early so i havent ate yet but im writing what my plan is and hopefully i wont differ from it today

2 oranges cup of tea (milk hea)

lunch 2 of slices wm bread from 400grm loaf (heb)
2 eggs fried in fry light
2 quorn sausages (never had em b4 hmmmm?!)
grilled tomatoes and mushrooms

jacket potaote with beans and big side salad
(this might change depends how hungry i am after my lunch looks pretty big!)

fruit and tea


On track to target
these last 2 days look far more filling, and hopefully left you pretty satisfied.... bet you feel better for it too.
That's the great thing about SW it's far more normal than most other diets, and you don't feel like you're starving yourself
Nobody knows I'm following SW except my OH you guys here at minimins and those at WI, work, rest of family, all his family, friends- nobody, it's great