Help!! Losing Handfuls of Hair!


Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me - my hair has suddenly starting falling out in handfulls!
I've been doing LL since the start of August but went into Management just before Christmas, I know "hair thinning" can be one of the side effects of the diet but I didn't really notice anything while I was just on the packs (I do have very thick hair and lots of it though!) and I thought that now I'm eating again the side effects would get less rather then more!
In the past 2 weeks whenever I wash my hair literally handfuls of hair come out - we're talking enough to block the plug before I even get as far as putting shampoo on it!
As I said, I do have lots of hair and I haven't yet lost enough to give me any bald spots or anything like that (it's not even noticably thinner to anyone but me though I'm sure it will be soon!) but I am concerned!
Has anyone else has this happen? Is is something to worry about or am I just losing my "winter coat"?
Any advice much appreciated before I start hunting out wig shops!!
Hi Malinky,

I have gone through this a few times on the diet as I broke my diet then went back eating and then back SSing again and so on.

If you look closely you will see the new regrowth has already taken place and your hair does grow back, usually thicker and glossier than before.

There is nothing to worry about.

Love Mini xxx
Thank You!

Mini - Thank You - That's very reassuring! I hadn't thought to look to see if I had any "baby hair" growing (I do! I've checked now!)
Supplements are also a good idea - just to give me a bit of an extra boost to make sure!

Thanks Guys - great advice (as usual!)