Help me buck my ideas up please!


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Am towards the end of week 3 and have been doing so well, on my weigh-in Monday was down 17lbs and have stuck to it like glue so far this week.

Then had some bad news today that my dad is poorly and awaiting appointment with consultant, and have just got to work, where someone with a birthday has left loads of cake lying around and I just can't stop eating it. So much so, I feel sick, have had 2 pieces which, OK, could be worse, but am not even hungry and am upset about my poor daddy, and now upset with myself for caving, when I am only 14lbs off my target.

Someone give me the boot up the backside I need, I know I need to pull myself together, my family need me, but never realised how I much use food as an emotional crutch before today.
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{{{{Hugs}}}} So sorry to hear your bad news.

Nope, I'm not going to give you a kick up the bum, cos that's the last thing you need right now. It's very understandable that in times of stress, you might turn to food, especially if it's always picked you up in the past.

What is important is that you don't berate yourself about it. Please - forgive yourself for doing it - food is not the enemy, okay? From time to time, eating cake is going to happen. It's what you do next that makes the difference.

Just carry on as though you never ate the cake. If you've still got something to have - a shake or a bar, for example - have it at the time you would have had it.

Really hope you get some better news soon. :hug99:


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You have done brilliantly so far, one blip isn't going to do much harm, and it was extenuating circumstances. Remember how you feel and that is was not worth it in the end, and hopefully you will not turn to stress in times of stress again.

I hope you dad is ok.


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Thanks everyone, managed to move the cake, and because I'm at work, managed to get side-tracked for a few hours on problem solving, so am feeling slightly better now. Still gutted about my dad but again, now I know about it, we (my family and I) can work to help him. Just scary, I, as I am sure people do, have always thought as my parents as invincible, and at that split second we found out, I looked at him, and he looked old, and I have seen him in a different light. Its so scary how these things catch up on you.

Anyway, diet wise, I will be back on the straight and narrow tomorrow and hopefully make up for this little blip.



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Your dads health is paramount here and yes it's very scary when our 'daddies' fall ill :( I've been there and it scared the be Jesus outta me

Your little blip means sod all in the grand scheme of things

Put it behind you and head up :)

Hope your dads ok x


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I hope your Dad pulls through. It's scary as hell when a parent falls ill. You think they're invinsible. My dad passed away when I was 17 and I still don't believe hes gone after 5 years.

Put your blip behind you hun, end of the day it's very stressful and last thing you need is to feel sorry for yourself when you're worrying so much about him.

Positive thoughts for your dad hun!