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Help me! How can I stop myself from cheating!?

I've been on the diet forrr 11 days now I think....I've written it down somewhere but it does seem like a lifetime ago since I ate 'bad' food so it's hard to remember! For that reason I am craving chocolate like mad now, haven't craved anything this badly.I'm still in the induction stage until I've lost at least another 7lbs so I don't know what to do. Would a hot choc totally ruin it?? Suppose it's better than the dairy milk that's calling my name in the fridge though? Any ideas would be great thanks! x
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I hope someone who knows more than I do answers. I tend to think if you are on a specific plan you should stick to it of you can, it will be worth it and you have done so well so far. However, if you really can't resist a low fat hot chocolate with no extra milk or sugar must be better than a bar of chocolate. In my opinion it will not totally ruin it - you would need to go straight back on your plan and not use it as an excuse for future lapses. At the end of the day you are an adult and can make choices. If you choose to have a hot chocolate and not a bar of chocolate I would say that makes you a strong and sensible individual. If you chose to have neither that would be good too. Whatever you do don't spend any time feeling guilty - just feel proud of what you have achieved and what you will ac hieve.
I hope so...if I give in now then I suppose my cravings will never go. Alcohol? Yes..in moderation, which i'm a little nervous about as I have 2 nights out next week for my friends birthdays, can't imagine going and not drinking, scary stuff for me!
Thanks for the link...it really has stopped me from eating anything naughty. That family are so lucky, get given personal trainers etc etc. on the first programme and still can't stick to it. Then they are lucky enough to get a 2nd opportunity...makes TV though I guess! Next week, if I really want to stick to the diet then I will have to cut out the alcohol completely, eeeek!


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me being a little greedy got to my goal about 6 weeks back, then thought try for more not been 12stone for years thats my next goal for my holidays next aug
Well good luck, I'm sure you will achieve that although you must be so happy with what you have already lost. Once I've hit my goal, I may try for a little more but I am being realistic for now!


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Been on induction for six weeks and when I have the occaisonal sweet craving I make a decaff coffee with cream and splenda - usually does the trick (although I have some Atkins chco bars in the cupboard too!)

Once you are out of induction I find a couple of squares of 85% cocoa chocolate are enough to satisfy choc cravings and very low in carbs.

Welcome to Atkins - hope you hang on in there!
Bren xx
There are certain ahem "times" when I have an inkling (not a craving) for chocolate ;) and I have a hot choc using tesco fat reduced cocoa powder (only 0.8g carb per teaspoon and I only use a teaspoon) mix it with a little cream to form a paste then add hot water and if very decadent little bit of whipped cream on top! Not the same obviously but does the job for me!

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