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Help me - Returner in need of help


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Hello all,

I am a repeat offender :( I started CD about 2 yrs ago and did really well (2.5 stone) however i have since put it all back on a CD'ed it all off and now im a whopping 16.5 stone. I need help. Im so unhappy about my weight. what can i do to keep me back on the path to thinness. I will be doing the CD +1 low carb meal at night.

Whats wrong with meeeeeee?
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1) Shift the bulk of it doing your first plan (is that SS+ or 810?) :confused:

2) Use the time you are abstinent from food to examine your eating habits. When do you eat? What do you eat? Why do you eat? Then try to focus on changing them.

3) Make sure you work your way up the plans properly when you are at or near goal. This will teach you about portion control and how to identify "good" and "bad" foods for you according to your body's reactions.

4) Weigh regularly once you are at a weight you are happy with, and set yourself a max target. So if you go more than say half a stone over your "happy" weight stop then and re-examine your eating, before it all gets out of control on you again.

5) Read every single post on here that KD has made. She is an oracle!

6) Accept that you may never have a "normal" relationship with food for the rest of your life and learn to spot the danger signs and triggers early.



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Hi Both - FM - yes i think i am - i over eat when bored or with friends (big meals / sweets chocolate etc etc)

YB - So Fill my spare time with focusing on food habits rather than food itself?? hhhmmmmnnn thats a good idea.

Do either of you think a councillor would help? I know im not addicted to food but my relationship with food is terrible. I over eat - i secretly eat when i was MUCH younger i was a purger (long long in my past now) I honestly am at a point in my life where i have NO control over eating.

How do i get back my control? lol
I do think it would help. I had councelling, light hypnotherapy and something called EmoTrance. They all helped, especially the EmoTrance. I was terrible at emotional eating (well very good at it in fact :p) and I also had a need to feed my mouth rather than my stomach and it stopped me feeling like that.
It really would be worth you looking into :D


Needs more willpower
Hi Funky, what is Emotrance? X
Hey Funky am intrigued with the emotrance also....

Tiff, dont know what to say atleast you are aware of when you are struggling, its a hard life isnt it. I truely believe everyone has thier own burden to bare and mine is food. I am an addict and the older I get the worse it seems.... but I am on the CD road (again) and am determind to stay focused.. Do you wanna take this journey together?

you are like me. you see food and find it hard to resist. this is more true when you are feeling down. today i've eaten badly as i've felt very depressed. however, i have learnt to recongnise this and i have learnt to stop myself before it gets too bad. i've also leaned on exercise. exercise is good for the mood, great for taking out your stress etc. i do it and it makes my greedy moments better, and less.

you need to find your trigger. then find ways of dealing with it without eating. this is sometimes easier said than done.

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