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Help me ???


SlinkySlimmer !!!

I've been a member of here for a while and but not been on since before christmas. As you can see from by my profile <<<< im currently on the rosemary conley diet, which isnt working too well for me at the moment, well to be honest its gone completely to pot and i ve put nearly everything back on that i had lost. :break_diet:

So im thinking of joining you guys on slimming world, roughly how much does it cost per week, especially if anyone in the london area can answer that, but just in general that will do, and how do people get on with it, i really am at the end of my thether and have no idea where to turn next.

Thanks for reading my whacky post, it probably doesnt make much sense

Lizzie x
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Your post is not Whacky Zille, Im in N.Ireland and at my group it cost £9.95 to join, And after that it cost £4.50 every week once i was a full member and they seen me make an effort, As for the diet it's self, the first week and a half i was all over the place and a bit confused, but i soon picked it up and have not looked back, The diet it's self is quite enjoying, and i have found it more filling than other diets, Hope this helps and good luck..;)


I ♥ Slimming World :)
SW is £4.90 per week, although you can buy a 6 or 12 week countdown which gets you 1 or 2 free weeks. There is also a £10 I think joining fee although you can usually find a half price or free membership voucher in the women's mags.

SW is great imo, easy to follow once you have learned the basics, plenty to eat, never hungry, not much weighing or measuring, and good solid consistant results.

Of course, you need to stick to it for the results to come, but it really is very easy and enjoyable to stick to.

Best of luck :)


SlinkySlimmer !!!
thanks people i know at the moment they are doing a half price membership of 9.95, if anyone notices any free vouchers to it or anything in any mags please let me know as im a student and every little helps and all that,

thanks for the quick replies.

Lizzie xxx
It's currently £4.95 a week once you've paid your joining fee (£10 full price or £5 half price if an offer is on).

I've done Rosemary Conley as well as WW and SW is by far the easiest to do as a lifestyle and to maintain on a long term basis as there's virtually no counting, weighing or checking packets for fat and calorie content! It's also the only one I've stuck to and lost a decent amount of weight, and I'm still excited about doing 16 weeks down the line!
You’ll love SW, it’s fantastic. You barely feel like you’re ‘dieting’. It’s more like healthy eating, tailored to suit your lifestyle, with loads of unrestricted foods, and plenty of options when you want something a bit less healthy! Honestly, you won’t believe how much you can eat once you get started.

There is a lot of help, support and advice on here too. Pretty much any question you can think of has already been asked and answered…and if it hasn’t, then someone will help you out. I’d be so stuck with out this lot!

There’s a great thread which outlines the plan for beginners, which should get you started.

How is everyone paying different amounts? My group is on Oxford St (London) and is £4.95/week.
Foodwise we spend about £35 each for breakfast/lunch/dinner, but I am sure it could be done cheaper!
It doesn't feel like a diet for us this time - more a change in our eating habits for the better.
Where abouts in London are you?
The Slimming World magazine usually has a week's menu in it, and there's am Extra Easy menu on the Slimming World website. Why don't you have a looksie at that and see what you make of the plan?
Yep, £4.95 a week here too, plus £10 joining.

When I joined a couple of weeks ago, I paid for a 10-week countdown, so I got two weeks free, and free joining, so it will work out at £3.75 per week, which is pretty good.

Maybe your class will have a similar deal going?

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