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HELP - My Dress Doesn't Fit!!!!


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Morning all

I am so upset, I tried my dress on last night that I was going to wear to hubbys work xmas do this week (which is black tie) and it is still too tight. I thought if I didn't breathe in it I would get away with it but yesterday I thought I would try to actually sit down and I nearly suffocated.

I do have another outfit but it is not as dressy, and I so wanted to make a good impression. The OH wouldn't mind if I turned up in jeans, probably because that is what he wants to wear but I am gutted.

It is awful enough thinking I can barely eat anything during the three course meal but I am hoping it will be chicken, (like last year) and I can at least manage the meat.

How are the rest of you all coping with the Christmas season coming down on us? As it gets closer I am starting to worry a bit that I may wobble.

All the best and kind regards from an unhappy bunny.......:cry:
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Hi Suzy,

I'm going to try and stick to my diet as much as possible and maybe have slightly less potatos, rice or bread with meals so that I can have a few extra treats.

My biggest problem is that my son is coming to stay for christmas eve, day and boxing day. Which is brilliant but he happens to be a chef and does all the cooking. It's such a treat having someone cook gorgeous food for you that for those 3 days I shall eat whatever he makes - creamy sauces and the lot.

The day before he comes and the day after he has gone I'll follow a 'balance the binge' diet, (600 cals but still normal food), then get straight back on it.

I've bought one new dress that fits me now perfectly and because of the cut will still fit when I lose weight (and look better).

You've already done so well to lose 30lb maybe you could treat yourself to something like a new bag or something to dress the other outfit up a bit more?



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I agree with Tarotwoman, new accessories can make an old outfit brand new? A blinging necklace/bracelet/belt, a lacy shrug & killer heels can work miracles?
Failing that, you could try cutting the carbs out of your diet for a few days, it'll make you lose 'water' weight and maybe the dress will feel more comfortable? It's not a long-term recommendation, but it might let you away for the one night?
Good luck!


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Hi Tarotwomen
Are you trying to make me jealous????? Thinking of your sons cooking is making my mouth water. Enjoy!!! Well done on finding a dress that will only make you look better, I wish mine did.

Hi Irishmum,
Thanks for your reply as well. The outfit I have is very christmassy, but the dress I wanted to wear is an evening dress covered in sequins and I have had it a few years, infact thinking about it alot of years and it has done me well in the past and it has only been worn a handful of times and I thought great I can wear it again. I have shoes and bag to match and I was going to borrow my mums velvet wrap and I thought great I don't have to spend any money and I will feel like a million dollars...... Ioh how wrong am I.

The outfit I have is a top and skirt and is lovely for a regular xmas do but as this one is black tie I so wanted to wear my dress. I can't go out and buy a new one as I know I am looking at a £100 plus and that is before I have even thought about accessories.

I know I will look OK as not everyone will be in evening dress but I that is not the point.

I will be kidding myself if I thought by getting rid of any water weight would help, it is just too tight and I have to live with that. Also I have been doing so well on my diet I don't want to start playing around with it as I don't know enough about how that will make me feel. I am having to stick to it because it is cooked meals so I would be worried if I started to do something different.

I am still wondering how I will cope though the closer we get to Christmas.

All the best


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Aw hun, sorry- I forgot you were on go lower! Is it too late to have a look on ebay? I've got some great party dresses (some bnwt) a few times? Or could you borrow/hire one for the night?


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Why don't you try TK Maxx - they actualy have the most amazing dresses starting from £30!!!!!! I got there my whole Christmas wardrobe lol
Hear hear on the TK Maxx thing; I've got some stunning dresses from there for real cheap.

Good luck trying to find something to look stunning in!


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Hi and thanks for the replies.

Minimini and Purplebutterfly I will try to see what TK Maxx has to offer tonight if I have time as we have one not to far from me but what sizes do they normally go up to?

In the past I bought some toys there that lasted about two minutes so I have never really bothered with shopping their too much since.

As for looking stunning I am never going to be model material without plastic surgery and I am not that desperate. Although I would love a boob lift one day. Just to get them back to where they were before pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Irishmum, yes I am on Go Lower so that is why I can't mess around with the diet and I don't have the time for ebay, also I have to try clothes on first as I am such a funny shape. I am being stupid again but what does bnwt mean? Hiring is out because of the cost, I am guessing between £80 to £100 to hire and I would rather put that towards buying something new if I could afford it.

It is a shame xmas is around the corner or I may have splashed out but the kids do come first and I still have to buy them lots of little bits to unwrap. Fortunately they are still young enough I can buy them what I want, not what they want. I don't think I will get away with that next year though.

Hi Crazybit, yes you are right he does love me, but he also never comments when I do make an effort I have to say to him "how do I look?" and as he barley glances at me he says "you look lovely" that is when I could strangle him as I would like him to see me before he says it. I don't often go for the full make-up etc but when I do I really want him to notice but I guess that is just men and he does treat me like a princess in so many other ways so I shouldn't complain.

His choice would be to wear jeans as he hates being suited and booted but he does look gorgeous when he wears a suit as he is tall and slim and he carries a suit very well.

I suppose I should get going as the boss will be in soon.

Best regards and thanks again


running strictly on fat!
Good luck with your TK Maxx expedition!!!
They go up to size 20 (I think) but it's always tricky with sizes there since most of the gear is one-off anyway.
Looking forward to hearing the news xxx
Hi Crazybit, yes you are right he does love me, but he also never comments when I do make an effort I have to say to him "how do I look?" and as he barley glances at me he says "you look lovely" that is when I could strangle him as I would like him to see me before he says it. I don't often go for the full make-up etc but when I do I really want him to notice but I guess that is just men and he does treat me like a princess in so many other ways so I shouldn't complain.
Hehe, it took me quite some time to get to grips with the realisation that my fella simply knows that I look gorgeous without having to double-check. If it's still upsetting you, though, just tell your bloke. Say "I've made quite an effort this evening. Could you take a look and let me know what you think?"

Communication's always better than stewing in silence :D
Morning all....... not having a good one.

To add to my stress with the dress situation I now have a swollen lip with about 3 sores on it, and it feels like I have been punched. My whole jaw is agony and all my glands are swollen, what a great night I now have to look forward to.

I didn't make it to TKMaxx yesterday but I am leaving work early today so if I feel up to it I may have a quick look.

Lgylsen, Regarding the bodyshapers, thanks for the tip but I think I have to accept that the dress is to tight and because of that it holds me in but I won't be at all comfortable in it as I can barley breathe and I can't sit down in it without cutting myself in half.

Hi Crazybit, it that where I have gone wrong..... I need to realise that I am always gorgeous and that is why he doesn't have to do a double take...... thanks for that bit of advice, you may have saved us from the divorce courts! Only joking. I don't stew in silence because I will sometimes say something and he says of course you look great but as we all know by then it is too late.

Just to add to my stress for today I tried to book a hair appointment for this afternoon and I left it to last as they are fully booked so I now have to straighten my hair and try to do something with my fringe, which desperately needs cutting, maybe I will get the scissors out later, no I don't think I will as I will probably make a major mess of it.

I guess I will have to find a hairdressers that I can just walk into to give me a trim. I also don't know when I am going to have time to do my nails........ why do these do's have to be on a work day? The weekend would be soo much easier....

Sorry I really am moaning aren't I? Sorry I am just typing away as it all comes into my head. I should phone a friend and sound out to them instead.

Enough about me, how are you all doing? I bet you are all really looking forward to the festive season and have got yourselves organised, unlike me who leaves it all to the last minute.

Gonna go as I think I have used you guys enough as a sounding board.

Wish me luck for tonight.......

Best regards


running strictly on fat!
oh, dear - I always leave everything to the last minute like you.

Whatever you do - don't panic- you'll be fine. Write down all these things you want to do and then attach different priority figure to each of it. Maybe you could have you nails done on your lunch brake? - always works for me. As to your lips - you MUST get Zovirax or simmilar stuff from Boots or pharmacy. The sooner you start the treatment the more effective it is.
And as to your fringe you can easily walk in to any Headmasters places and have it done free of charge without waiting (think Rush does the same)
Good luck with you preparations xxx
Aww, Suzy, bless you. I know exactly how you feel, believe me :)

Methinks you suffer the curse of perfectionism, don't you? And it really is a curse at times.

I say gird your loins, get to TK Maxx, buy yourself something nice, and go have a great time. Once you actually get there you'll be able to start relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Good luck!


running strictly on fat!
Morning all,

I just wanted to say thanks for all your support this week and last night went really well.

Lgylsen and Minimimi, thanks for you last bit of support yesterday as well. I did read your comments when I got home from work yesterday but I had no time to reply.

I just want to say to Minimimi, thank you for the advice but unfortunatley it is not a coldsore..... if I was I would have gone straight for the Zovirax. I get these sores occassionaly and this time I have about 4 along one side of my bottom lip and the doctor has no idea, but no tinkle or anything, it looks similar to a coldsore but it isn't! Thanks for the suggestion though.

Well, hair was straightned by me as I had no time to find a hairdressers but I managed to lift my fringe with the straightners so I could see and did not look like a shaggy dog. I did my nails, hands and feet and they are red and it has been so long since I put red on I may keep it them that way for a while. Whilst typing I keep thinking they are not my nails, although they are all real. I really should make the time to keep my nails painted, whatever colour in future.

Finally I even did my make-up and managed to cover my lip a little bit with dark lipstick that I kept applying all night so unless you looked closely I hope it wasn't obvious it is all swollen. I don't think I will look too closely at any of the photos though as then I may really become depressed.

I think that because I allowed myself to become so stressed with it all I woke up with a migraine this morning and then had to go to my sons navity play, but seeing him did make my head feel better. Before anyone comments, no it is not a hangover as I was driving!

The food looked lovely, with chicken as the main so I did get to eat some and sat next to me was someone on SW having a green day so at least I didn't feel too bad as she didn't clear her plate either.

Finally the outfit I wore I felt reasonably comfortable in and next year I will be in THE DRESS, or something similar but an even smaller size!

Now I have got through last night I just have to worry how I am going to cope with all the other do's we have coming up. Yesterday my boss said we are going to have a christmas lunch...... panic as yet another meal I will barely eat!

How are you all coping with all this food we are being offered at this time of year?

I think I have written far too long a post so I shall stop boring you all.

Best regards and again thank you all for keeping me sane this week.


running strictly on fat!
unless you looked closely I hope it wasn't obvious it is all swollen.
haha, you might have caused a lil bit of the gossip for all these ladies wondering:
"did she or didn' she have lips done" haha

Glad the evening went well in the end - think about all these preparation and anticipation. No wonder it was all OK.
Well done for not binging on food - I am testing my willpower this week to the limit and far too often as soon as I have a full plate of food in front of me my so called "portion control" goes straight out the window lol.
I am having our Christmas party tonite so I know I will not be able to stick to the diet 100% (unless I'll have only DUST prior and after the party)
But then hey, it's festive season - it's only once a year so we better enjoy it for as long as we can. I know I can be a lil bit more flexible because I will be back on track - no beating myself up and no whinging. My biggest achievement this time of the year is the fact that I don' t binge anymore. Yep, will have my meal and sometimes even dessert but I know it's enough and I won't stuff myself silly anymore....I know I will have to make bigger effort in between the ocasional night out but that's how you'll be aiming to maintain in the future. We can't go through whole life without letting our hair down now and then. We'll always have weddings, bdays, parties etc. It's more psychological - once you know you CAN do it and then get back on track you are a winner. Far too often we have one blip and think everything is lost. By not giving ourselves an excuse we are getting even closer to our goal.
Hope you are having good day and lips are healing nicely xxxxx
Hi Suzy,

I just read through this thread and wanted to congratulate you for asking for support and advice, and making it though the evening and even focusing on the positive aspects -- such as the "green day" diner seated with you.

I had a similar disappointment when dresses I ordered did not arrive in the post in time (and I bought 2 for my husband's company party) -- so, I ran out the day of to find something, and there was really nothing.

Then, I found a dress that was okay, but not ideal... but, "beggars can't be choosy". I bought it, drove home, altered it (I am not very busty), and wore it thinking, "This isn't too bad." When I saw the photos later -- the dress was fine, but I really regreted pairing it with black hose and shoes.

The dress was a solid green empire waisted full skirted cocktail dress... and, well... in the photos I look like a Christmas tree! If I'd only been wearing a tiara, then at least people would think I meant to look that way. LOL

Hi Minimimi,

you know how to put a smile on my face, the comment about the lips would have been great if they didn't feel so damn sore. They are getting better but now everytime I smile my lip splits and bleeds a bit but at least it is not as unslightly as it was and it is healing!!! My lips like the rest of my though are fat so that is one place I do not need any surgery.

How did your Christimas party go? Have you recovered?

Your attitude on maintaining is where I hope to be. In that I can enjoy social meals out in the future but will have to be sensible when I am at home. I can't wait to get to that stage......

Your comment

"Far too often we have one blip and think everything is lost. "

That is so me in the past and that is why I am determined this time I will stick to the plan and if I do waver I will get straight back on!

Hi Crazybit, thanks for the posts.

Yes I do have a wee problem with perfection but I do try.

By the way I did go to TKMaxx the day of the party but nothing suitable unless I was well over 6 foot tall and I am hopeless at altering so I had no luck there, but thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Minniemel,

all I can say is these girls made me feel so much better about things last week. I was getting to the point where I really did have doubts about going to this party, especially when I felt like hubby had punched me in the jaw and my lip looked awful and what with that after the dress situation, well I am sure you can imagine, but their kind words made me feel so much better about myself and I did enjoy myself once I got there.

Having the other slimmer on the table did help me as I felt that their was no pressure to explain myself about not eating everything on my plate.

I am sure you did not look like a Christmas tree, you would have looked lovely, and because you felt OK in the dress that would have come across to people on the night and so nobody would have thought Christmas tree at all.

Oh the things we women do for our partners..... If it was going out with a group of our own friends would we really be to bothered about how we looked?

Thank you all again for your support you have been great.

Best regards