Help needed already please...


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Hey everyone,
I started SF three weeks ago and lost about 7lbs in the first 2 weeks. (I am 5'4, weighing 17st) However, I took a week off from work last week and the diet went down the loo! I'm now finding it REALLY difficult to get back in to, along with the stresses of work. I just want to eat chocolate! :cry:

Please help... am thinking about doing Cambridge or something for a while... I think I might need something radical! (But honestly not sure I can survive on 500 kcal - wont I feint or something?!) But maybe the mega quick results would spur me on...? (Am very impatient...)

Any advice / support greatly received :sigh:

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Total food replacement diets like CD are the hardest in the first week but once you're through that I'm told it's a breeze, you will go into Ketosis for most it's after about 3 days but can be a little longer for some once you're in ketosis hunger almost disappears. I like you have quite a lot of weight to lose and I'm also not very patient which is why I am considering doing CD myself and then coming back to Slim Fast to lose the last stone or 2 but I don't think I would do it before Christmas cos unless you stick to the plan over christmas you would need to follow the refeed plan a week before and I've heard it's harder to restart once you come off it


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Ive said this in a previous post but I find the easiest way to stick to it is to have something to look forward to as a treat, I used to binge most evenings, once the kids were in bed id get the chocolate, crisps or biscuits out! I have a choc slimfast treat in the evenings now and that gets me through to each saturday where I have a real treat such as a nice meal with friends or a few drinks out in town. The results will help you stick to it, im near the end of my second week and already lost a clothes size!


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Hun, you really should do something more sensible, i have tried all the fad diets around and they seriously do you know good, i am doing fabulous on slimming world...i ate tons in 2 weeks and lost 7 1/2lbs...i probably ate and drank 10 times more than what you did on Slim Fast...come and join the Slimming World Forum.
Doing Slimfast you shall not be able to keep that up for years to come, no one can.

Hope to see you on S World!x


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I have done SF before and I lost three stone and kept it off. I maintained for years and it was only when I became pregnant that I gained the weight back. Please do not diss our diet. It is up to the individual - slimming world works for you and slimfast works for me.



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S: 17st8lb C: 17st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st7lb(2.85%)
Aw, thanks to everyone for your thoughts. Don't think I will do CD this side of xmas as i know I will massively struggle over xmas! Will see how it goes, feel a bit better today although the weekend is always the hardest I find! Fingers crossed.