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Help needed...


Eat to live don't live to eat!
This weekend we are having people to stay for the entire weekend and its likely they will want alcohol
I find it ok not drinking most of the time and my husband has had the odd pint here and there which doesn't bother me, but if there are 3 people in this house all drinking, and it wouldn't just be one either, it would be 'getting drunk' I'm gonna find myself craving it so much it will be really hard, I might end up having a drink and I don't know if I am strong enough to cope and not join in, I dont want to feel like an outsider if you see what I mean

I kinda told my husband last night that if there is alcohol around this weekend then I'm going out, and I know it will cause arguments, what on earth do I do?

I've thought of telling them that we aren't having alcohol in the house at the moment and if they come then that will be something they will have to adhere to, I think my husband could perhaps be slightly more supportive too and not drink himself, after all, I very rarely drink for the full week that he is on call to support him as he has to drive so cant drink, and its only gonna be another few weeks of abstaining until I reach my goal then we can enjoy a few drinks together.

I've got to ring them at 3pm to make arrangements for them to get here etc, so I have an hour to decide what to say/do, any ideas???

It's driving me mad, the food and alcohol issues at the moment, I wish I could retreat somewhere for a few weeks and not see anyone until this excess weight is gone!!!

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you can be strong and maybe pretend you have a gin and tonic in your glass instead of sparkling water.... you have done really well so far - dont give up

and remember if you are in ketosis its really dangerous to drink alcohol..... you can do this!!! be strong, look at those large trousers you used to wear before you started CD (hang them up by the wine rack to remind you) - you've lost loads....dont give up now!!!

(but if you do... dont beat yourself up either! x x x)


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Are they the sort of people you can tell the truth to? Could you tell them you're on CD and that it's actually dangerous for you to drink?

Failing that, I guess you could pretend you're on medication for something that means you can't drink.

It's hard, isn't it? So, sooo hard... But you can do this - you can get through this if you put your needs ahead of everybody else's. L'Oreal moment - because you're worth it!


Needs to stop eating!!
What a hard situation. Can you not tell them you are on CD? Maybe do other stuff instead of getting alcohol like get a board game or just plan activities that dont involve alcohol?


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hi twinkle, i had the same problem last weekend. I simply told my visitors that I was on CD and that I wont drink that weekend but will surely make up for it at some point when i have finished. In all fairness, I cooked eveyr night (4nights they stayed) and I resisted until my daughter cooked a lasagne and I ate some...minus the pasta in it... however, because i had the visitors round I actually did more, ie walking, cleaning etc and lost 4lb this week. Your visitors will totally understand. You can just maybe have a bath at dinner times and as for drinking times, can they maybe go out and have a drink instead of it being in the house. I totally understand and wish you all the very best of luck.


Eat to live don't live to eat!
I will probably tell them that I'm on cd and I cant drink but, and I know this is selfish, I don't want them drinking if I cant :( now I've said it it sounds really selfish. The thing is though, I know that if they start to get drunk I will get really depressed and probably end up on my bed crying my eyes out and my husband will just leave me there because he will have had a drink and won't think its important, then I'll probably storm out of the house and go for a drive feeling like no one cares aaaaargh I can just picture the scenario, I'm even starting to wish they weren't coming, I just don't think I'm ready for it yet.

The in-laws are coming in 3 weeks and they are ok, they tend to have a glass of wine in an evening, just one and that has never bothered me if we are with them and I'm driving for example so I will be ok, I'll be 6 weeks into the diet then and hopefully most of the way to my goal, and to be honest they would be more understanding anyway!

I think I'm just gonna talk to my husband and ask him not to drink this weekend and tell our guests that we are not drinking, if they choose not to come because of this then its their tough luck not mine!

Thanks again


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And why not? Hey, it's your house. If you don't want them to drink in it, don't let 'em. :D Tell 'em you'll throw a party when you've finished and you'll have alcohol then! If you didn't smoke, you wouldn't let 'em smoke in your house, would you? So what's the difference?

Don't think of it as being selfish, hun. Why should you be miserable? I say go for it!


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Thanks Lily, totally valid point, I know if they were to drink I would be miserable so yeah, it is my house so they can bloody well do as I say!!!

Also, no one would DARE to smoke in my house lol!!!


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