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help needed

You need to give the cals, fat, protein and carb value for the shake and then I can put it into the syn calculator for you.
Ooops sorry here they are
cals 137 fat2.8g or 1.0g sat fat protein 14g carb 14g

Thanks Stacey i think im gonna do slimming world just need to know should i drink or bin !
over a days sins for 1 tiny drink no wonder u can have only 3 a day and feel like crap ! Fella will be pleased when he gets home there will be more room in the fridge for xmas beer
i know its definitly frowned upon but ive seen them on ebay?
I know I couldn't do a diet or healthy eating plan where food was banned.
its not for everyone but i did it and the results were fantastic, it just depends whether you want the quick hard route or the easy 'scenic' route i suppose. i wish i could get my hands on a months supply as i would love to do it then get straight back onto sw at target but im in a healthy range now so cant :(
I need the scenic route so I can re-educate myself
yeah i agree sw is for life.
not sure how it works but could u sell them on.
plus even if u have to bin them i know 5o pounds is alot of money but if u r happier and on your way to target doing a plan u can stick to 50 pounds is nothing to lose. cause if u wait till u have finished u might not join sw and fall off wagon.
so put them to one side and try and sell them if not bin them and go join sw. u will be much happier.
I did LL and CD before - lost 6st in 6 months. Your head has to be in it to do it. I actually maintained within about 2st of my lowest weight which for me was brilliant - up until I had miscarriage and then fell pregnant again.

What about doing a combo of SW and CD until you use up all your packs? So maybe still do the CD for 2 shakes a day and then do a SW friendly dinner?


I ate my willpower!
I would put them on Ebay. As Abigail said, it is "frowned" upon, but I would rather re-coup the £50!
Most cdc will take spare stock back ,this is in the hope of cutting down on them been sold privatly .there are some medical conditions which are not compatiable with cd or peeps who are bellow bmi25 should not ss as your body has to have more protien (i think ) so it doesnt start to loss muscle .This is why private sales are not a good idea .
Good luck with your second part of your journey hun hope your cdc will buy them back as ebay has stopped the sale of vlcd i think xxx


I ate my willpower!
I guess that Ebay are doing the sensible thing. I wouldnt want someone to be ill from something I had sold them. Hopefully your CDC will take them back.

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