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Help please guys!


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Hi all,

Most of you have prob read before starting LT that a side effect can be hair loss?

Well i as most of you had no problem with this whilst on LT apart from the odd bits i have always lost!

However since refeeding i am seriously losing lots of hair:eek: I have spoken to fifi about this and she has experienced the same problem but does anybody have any advice or information for me?

I am losing a lot..to the point i can now see a difference in my hair, it looks thinner and i can see through a bit in places!!! I think i read a while back it could be vitamin deficiency..which would make sense after stopping the shakes and maybe lacking a vitamin now?

Going to put in my avatar soon to show how much i lost this morning.
Advice appreciated guys! Mini?
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tracy i read somewhere that the main reason for hair loss when your messing with your diet is its the old stuff coming out cos the new stuffs pushing it out! so i gather in your on refeed, the food your eating is encouraging hair loss for new growth, so i pressume your going to have a lovely head of new locks soon! so i read jx


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My avatar shows the amount of hair i lost this morning in the shower washing my hair!! i wont have much left!
is it off your head hun?


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Thanks jackie..but do i have to wait bloody ages for it all to grow!!
Garry are you getting your own back for the months comment? lol id look better than Demi! xxx
cos ya backs quite hairy you were saying x


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Lol youre soooo predictable! I was actually going to put "oh garry its off my head" hahaha xx


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i have been losing more hair than normal recently but i put it down to molting as its getting warmer,a friend of mine who did LL had the same problem when she refed,but if it is falling out its because the new is coming through like jackie said,you hair isnt getting all the nutrients whilst on tfr but now it is again thats whats caused it,try not to worry hun xxxxx
hair today gone tomorrow, never mind! 'who loves ya baby' ?


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thanks Lil it is a little worrying though..saying that id rather be slim and bald than fat with lots of hair lol...i think! xx


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It will grow back hunny, its just whilst doing SS your body hangs on to it to conserve energy (ie not growin any new) so when you start to refeed it kickstarts everything again, and the hair that you would have lost comes out a lot quicker (and therefore looks worse than it is) but it is soon replaced. I had the same problem, but it soon thickened up again and grew back normally, don't worry its quite normal x x


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Phew thankyou eclipse, i am fine with it as long as i know its replacing itself! i could do with some new actually xxx


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Tracy mine is falling out even more now I'm on re-feed, I haven't lost this much hair since having my kids. The plus thing for me is that my hair is really thick (so thick it can't count) and doesn't appear thinner, but for how much longer will this last, or else I will be buying a bloomin wig.
God help Gazza when he does re-feed. lol


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Lol Fi...poor Gaz! Glad your hair is think hun mine isnt!!! xx


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Thanks again Cheryl hun xxx


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I was sick for quite a while years ago and my hair thinned to nothing. I also had curly hair and it all straightened and went limp. (Yes gaz the hair on my head and I hope the use of the word limp isn't too upsetting for you! LOL!)

Anyway my hair did come back to absolutely normal but it took a few months. Also you should take vitamin E and zinc supplements. I know its upsetting though....I remember it well....but it will come back in time. (Sending you a big hug!)
Well my hair already falls out a lot nevermind being on the diet and I still somehow have a mop of hair! Just completely deyond me! I think I can live with my hair thinning a bit.....I am sure it will grow back! XX


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I take a vitamin every day called Perfectil. It's specifically for skin, hair and nails. It has an extra component in it called Cystine, which is specifically what makes our hair strong. I've had so many comments on how healthy my hair looks and feels since i started using them so i'd really give it a try hun!xx

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