Help please - mis-counted packs today

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Sez, 29 July 2007 Social URL.

  1. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    I have just eaten a bar, and afterwards realised I have had all 4 packs today, so with that bar it makes 5!!! Oh poops.

    that means 5 packs including 2 bars and I have really been trying so hard to get back into ketosis after a binge on Thurs. Is this going to stop me/slow me down?

    I am so mad at myself for making this daft mistake, it wasnt even deliberate.
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  3. Linda5111

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    i would'nt worry, it's not like u've been out for a meal or ate junk food( like me last week) can't see it doing any harm.
  4. Tiger Girl

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    Hey Sez
    I'm not sure - I think it can differ quite a bit for each individual, but my LLC is adamant - 2 bars and you're out.
  5. Sez

    Sez has started again!!



    Now I am seriously p$ssed off. Going to bed in sulk now.... silly c0w that I am.
  6. Cerulean

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    I think it's 2 bars together in quick succession as every Sunday I have one late at night and the next morning I have one at about 6am - and a lot of people eat all 4 packs at once once a day which should - in theory knock you out based on that mentality. I think the restriction is mainly becasue the chewy bars had a laxative effect. There are no guarantees you'll fall out of ketosis - depends on your metabolism really - and anyway you'd be straight back in within a few hours as you only have 200 calories of glycogen to dump.

    I've actually mused to myself before about what happens if you are out all day and have all your packs say after 8pm and then you have two the next morning before 8am - in theory that's 6 in 12 hours! I am sure you will be fine - maybe just have 4 powder packs only tomorrow.
  7. Sez

    Sez has started again!!


    Its daft isnt it? I have had some mega binges on this diet over the past few weeks, all utterly deliberate, and now I am stressed over one stupid bar. Maybe it shows my mind set is fianlly back where it should be, even if I cant count anymore!!! LOL I think accompanying my family to MIL for their usual Sunday roast last night threw me. I was sorely tempted by their chicken and veggies, and then the umpteen different puds that they all tucked into! Mind you, apart from Steve and my MIL herself, all the adults are somewhat rotund..... 'Nuff said!!

    Anyway, had a lovely ice cold strawberry shake this am, and about to drink some Redbush, for which I have a newly acquired love! (& its as hydrating as water, so cant be bad!!)

    Have a good day all!
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