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Hi all :wavey:

Just after a bit of advice really, I am re-joining SW today and of course boosting my exercise. What I want to know is, I had a C Section in 2007 with my 1st and last little girl ;) at the bottom of my tummy I have a numb part - will I be able to tone this up with exercise etc I know I have to work on my core to get the results I want. Does anybody have any specific exercises / tips to help me achieve a lovely flat toned lower tummy??

Thanks in advance x
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Hello SarahandMolly

Im not sure about the numb part. Did it cut nerves? Is that why you're numb?I would think it should tone up. What about hula hooping - the weighted ones? If you hold your tummy muscles in as you hula then they should tone up and your little one will want to join in.

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Not sure about the c-section stuff but I do know that you can tone up the tummy muscles as much as you want but if you don't lose the fat over the top of them you will never have a flat tummy. I would try and get lots of cardio in to burn the fat but also do some specific tummy exercises so that it is toned when the fat goes away! (sit-ups, the plank, hula hooping anything like that). Also, any exercises you do to work on your muscles such as resistance/weights work or the tummy exercises will mean you produce more muscle and the more muscle you have the more calories you can burn in a day.

So keep on with the diet but get some cardio in too and hopefully you will see some results. (Though please correct me if I am wrong guys!) Good luck! x


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Thanks very much - I will have a go at what you have suggested and see how I go :)

Yes the C Section is exactly the same as a hysterectomy! They totally rip your muscles. It's only slightly numb but its bloody annoying... :D xx