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Help please!

Ok, the good news is that my Aunt is coming to visit next month for 10 days. The bad news is that it will be difficult to stick to the plan on pp days and I will probably slip even on pv days if we are out and about (likely).

I thought I could carry on as I have been until she arrives, then do pv days for the 10 days that she is here then do a new attack phase (I will check that it is still 3 days I need to do at this point).

Would this be OK? What does the Dukan bible tolerate for holidays, etc?
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you arent allowed holidays lmao!!!
Do PP on the days when you can . get preparing stuff and freeze and marinate (you will hear a lot of that from me;) ) If you are having the day in for example.
PV days ok when you are eating out etc.
See what you weight is like when the 10 days are up and then go from there.
officially you arent supposed to go back on attack unless you are stalling but In my second week my fried came to stay and omg off the rails I went for 4 days and put on 6lbs. so went back on attack on the monday!
Thanks for the info :). I suppose I'll just have to do my best. As long as I lay off the sugars (fruit incl.) and high-fat meats, I'll go with the flow when pp isn't possible.


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You're right at the beginning of the diet I think yes? It's certainly not an ideal situation, hence I always recommend people starting when there isn't a birthday/holiday/anniversary on the horizon. It's not so much that you'll regain weight (likely), but it's never as easy to get the motivation going as the first time!

Your BMI is almost normal I see... so nothing too much to worry about.

Holiday recommendations from Dukan are to move onto Conso...
Oh, the motivation won't go, the health implications of what might happen are bad enough to keep me going!

Good to know I can move onto stage 3 temporarily if I need to - cheers!

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