Help please...

...hi there. I am on week 2 almost week 3 of the LL diet. I am however starting to worry about how this words after I have lost the weight. I cannot deal with ppl saying to me I told u so. Or i lose all this money. I am not going to go back to takeaways etc but I have read ppl saying they put on weight even after jacket potates and salad etc.

Is anyone available to please give me a full explanation of the maintenance programme?

I would say the best thing is to discuss it with your LLC in your group.:)
Hi there. My LLC has a weekly Maintainers group. You don't have to go every week, but it can be really helpful and supportive, especially when you're new to management. Learning to manage your weight is a long-term thing - and one of the things that makes LL so good is the fact you get long-term free support, for as long as you want it.

Good luck by the way!
Make sure you do RTM, a lot of people who think they can do it without it find out they can't. RTM was the most important part.

some people in my group did gain a little bit when bringing in some foods but it evened out again.

I finished RTM on the last day of February this year and the only time I gained any weight at all was on my honeymoon a couple weeks ago but I only gained 3lbs and I lost 4lbs in the week since I have been back (on my own but just cutting down my food in a healthy way).

RTM taught me how to lose any lbs that occasionally I may gain.

I actually carried on losing weight after RTM as i had to do RTM early because of medical reasons.

I didn't gain at all on RTM and learnt so much about portion control and what my body can eat to lose 1 or 2lb a week if I was to gain in the future.

Now I know throughout my life I WILL gain a few lbs at times, I'm not going hold back for certain occasions (like my honeymoon). BUT I also know I will lose it again within a couple of weeks.

It is normal to gain a few lbs and lose a few lbs. Women's bodies especially fluctuate a lot.

I've given myself a buffer of 3lbs (if I am on a longer holiday or for exceptional circumstances I know it may be higher).

I still weigh weekly so I will know if I need to cut back.