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Help please!!

Hi All,

I've been on SS now for nearly 2 weeks and have stuck to the plan completely and haven't even been tempted to cheat.

However, I'm now being sent to a hotel through work for 2 nights where I'll be entitled to an evening meal each night. I'm probably just going to stick to my shakes/soups but it seems a shame to waste it.

I was wondering how bad it would be if I replaced a shake or two with a healthy meal for 2 days?

Also, what's the best foods to stick to if I did decide to do that?

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i think white meat and grean veggies is good , like in the step up from ss. get the books from your councilor and you'll see the kind of meals it shows you. i think 2 days of having 1 healthy meal a day ( try avoiding carbs ) and the rest shakes won't be too bad. My husband has done that a couple of days and he didn't even get out of kitosis but i have read people that get out of it by just eating a bar so it depends on your body really.


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I am not a councellor and have only been doing it for 6 weeks but as i understand it you would go through the same process than at the beggining if you came out of it , it would take another 3 or 4 days to be back on it. I don't think i could do it because i feel like food is a barrier i don't cross if i were to cross it then mentaly i wouldn't be on CD and i would just eat! but i am weird :p as i said my hubby does that a few times a week and he is loosing still at a good rate so if you are ok with it i don't see anything wrong with having those 2 meals and then going back :)


Don't do it.

Yes, its a shame to waste the meal, bigger shame to waste this chance at losing weight especially when you've done two weeks without cheating on sole source.

The only thing you would be able to have without definitely going out of ketosis is a small portion of protein/green veg. And what are the chances the hotel would provide that without some high calorie sauce or dressing?


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I spend time away with work approximately 1 night a week. I would try and stick to your shakes if possible. Easier if you are on your own than with other colleuges.

Yes it seems a waste but I think that not sticking to the plan might be a bit of a waste too,of the cost of the plan and the mental view you have of things.
The food at the hotel will always be there but you want the bigger you gone as soon as possible!


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Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


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I agree dont do it! It is hard - I go to Guernsey every month with work for min of 2 nights. It always involves dinner (3 courses in great restaurants) cooked hotel breakfasts and buffet lunches. I also had to go to a hotel for the night and had to have a shake in my room whilst the others had dinner in the restaurant - I then joined them at the bar when they had finished. You have to think that things like this will always come up, so you either need to be honest and make your excuses to join them after dinner, or if avoiding the dinner all together is impossible, whether you can stand not eating at all whilst they all scoff. It mght be worth talking it over with your CDC as if your work life makes ss impossible, ss+ might be the plan for you. I think it willbe really tough for you to try to stop start by eating some nights and ss others....you only have to look through here to see how tough its been for those who have tried the same thing. Good luck with whichever path you choose - you'll always have support on here! GOOD LUCK!
I'm so confused about what to do.

I am very confident that I'll be able to continue SS after with no issues and also that this is a once off.

However, you guys really do know a lot more about this diet than I do and I am tempted to follow your advice.

I was under the impression you will only come out of ketosis for a very short period if you limited the carb intake?

I have attached links to the 2 menu's available at the hotel - can you suggest anything that wouldn't do me too much harm?



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It is hard to get back on once your out of ketosis hun i would say try ure best to stick to it xx


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I have a similiar problem, being cabin crew i am away all the time and staying in lovely hotels with different crew, however i have only just started so not been away yet but am dreading it. I can't answer your questions about ketosis i'm afraid as i'm still new but something you may not have thought of.....could you ask your company for a meal allowance instead of them paying for it. This is how it works in our airline, when we get to our destination we are given cash to spend on food and drink. I feel a lot happier knowing i can resist the restaurants as i can spend the cash on my next weeks shakes, or shopping. May make your decision easier if you know your not wasting the meal but getting money instead? Good luck.x


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Airgirl, tht is what I do, I get an allowance. Sod spending it on Shakes, that comes out of the shopping budget (as I am not eating) I save the allowance for shoes and clothes!


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Good point Nade.....can never resist a new pair of shoes or lipgloss.x


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There will always be food temptations - if its not free food from your course, it will be dinner invites from friends - if you give in once there'll always be another reason to do so. You're either doing this or not!! Be strong (and good luck!)