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help! please??!!!!


getting slimmer
just finished a long shift at work and all night my throat has been getting worse and worse and worse, and now i cant swallow and it really hurts!!:(
what can i have?:confused:
i guess lemsips and lockets are out of the question?:mad:
throat medicine?:confused:
what if i cant manage my water and cd meals tomoz?
i feel rubbish please help me out guys!! :cry: x
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My 3 Furry Amigos
sorry to hear your not feeling well....I've been sick before on CD, and used Strepsils, and it didn't break my ketosis.

Can't think of what else to try, sorry
I felt that way yesterday, and drank hot water with orange sunshine cd water flavour, went to bed early, and woke up fine today.
Hope you are feel'n better soon!


getting slimmer
thanks, gargling asprin, on a friday night, if i'm gonna be ill i like lemsip with a whiskey in!!
never mind! x


This is the last time!!
I've had a bad throat this week, I haven't managed my 4 litres of water, been lucky to get 2 down me. I found that the bouillon helped, I made it in a mug and slurped it from a spoon.


getting slimmer
thanks for all your suggestions, suppose i just gotta ride this out!
my little boys at his dads this weekend so my o/h and i had planned to go the lesuire centre, have a swim, sauna, game of badminton, gym, now all i wanna do is be lazy! typical!
hopefully if i rest today, i'll be a it better tomoz!

thanks for all your wishes of "get wells!"

this really is a top site!

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