help please

hi lynjo,

go to the photogallery, make a new album, call it whatever you want.

Click upload photos on the right,

then chose each picture and upload it, ensure you have your album that you created to upload it to.

If these instructions dont help, let me know.

Hi Lynjo,

Can't wait to see the photos. Let us know when you have uploaded them so we can take a peek.


pics now in gallery

well here we go, my pics are now in the gallery.
1. fat photo
2. xmas before the makeover
3. after the makeover with about 8+ inches of hair cut off.
4. after the makeover too.

my makover will be in the paper on Tuesday and i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous.
almost as nervous as posting these pics on here!!!!