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Help please!?!?!?!?!


Stubborn and doing it
Sounds like you may need a hobby. Perhaps it may help. Something to distract you and maybe enable you to vent your frustrations.

Think it will be easier when the weather changes as we will all be able to get out and about easier and enjoy the warmth.

You are not alone, that's for sure.



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Hi all

I am really struggling to stick to the diet chef food at the moment - I do eat it but I am 'supplementing' it with other food as I am stressed and eating when I am bored too!

Any words of wisdom?

No words of wisdom i'm sorry, but we are all with you and giving hugs to try and make this path easier. :grouphugg:

As to a hobby I cross stitch of an evening and it keeps my hands occupied, I am doing a friends wedding sampler at the mo and I have a dealine to keep, thats how I try to stop picking.


maintaining since June'09
As Caroline says - you're certainly not alone!! **hugs**

I'm not sure other peoples' words of wisdom can help an awful lot - it's really (y)our own state of mind, but there's certainly loads of support here while you/we get out heads back together and refocus!!

Just hang in there!! xx
I echo the others and have faith in yourself - YOU CAN DO IT ! I think that the problem with willpower is that it varies all the time and you certainly need to be in that 'zone' - I have had my moments in the past but a goal always helps and a reason to do it - if not only for yourself - as you are so important too !
OMG I am starting to ramble but as the others say we are all here, in the same situation and all trying to support one another - so stay in touch because I am sure it helps - it certainly has helped me !!


maintaining since June'09
Hey ClairBear ....... how're you doing today??
I guess my words of wisdom would be to make sure the foods you're supplementing with are not too unhealthy! For example if you're going to add carbs, try and go for brown rice or pasta instead of white and limit your portions, or pick a fruit or vegetable that you really like and keep it on hand for when you feel like snacking. My fave at the moment is tinned mandarin, pineapple and grapefruit, I can eat a whole bowl of that in the evening and not feel too guilty!!
Thanks for all the words of support! Today was a little better but I am giving myself the weekend off (valentines etc) and then I am going to clear out the cupboards and focus on the Diet Chef programme from Sunday onwards.
I will check back in on Sunday!
Thanks people!

ClairBear xxxx
Hi All
Hope you had a good weekend! My other half came to stay which was very, very nice - and although there was lots of indulgent food, I showed a tiny bit of self constraint!
I had a bit of a cry yesterday when I was trying to explain how utterly hopeless and frustrated I feel about my eating habits. I have all the information I need to understand the hows and whys of dropping body fat and increasing fitness etc (my other half is a sports scientist) but there seems to be a huge pacific ocean size gap between what my brain says it can do and what I end up doing when I am faced with the day-to-day thing of eating. Food is such a big thing in my life and I know that I must take responsibility for what I put in my mouth but it seems like such a giant mountain to climb, even losing a few pounds, let alone 12 stones!
I guess I just need to take each hour at a time, and avoid places of temptation until I have more control over my 'rebellious' eat-everything-that-moves side.
I will use this site more as well, support is really important, I don't have any friends who need to lose weight, so will have to come and talk to you guys to keep me focussed (if that is OK?).
Sorry for the moan, but I think I needed to say it somewhere other than in my head.


maintaining since June'09
Hi ClairBear ... You're quite right to 'get out' what is in your head. Often it clarifies things to yourself as well as being therapeutic and sometimes cathartic.

And this is most DEFINITELY the place to do it. There can't be a single person on here who doesn't understand where you're coming from. That doesn't make the experience any easier but at least a little less isolating, hopefully.

I've never found support like this anywhere else. Of course no-one can tell you what to do but everyone will support whatever you decide and not judge.

What you say about the chasm between 'knowing' and 'doing' is all too familiar. I mean we all know logically that all we need to do is take in less calories than we expend ...... easy right??? Yeah right!!!

If someone could help us understand why we can't actually DO what we know we should and fix it - they'd make a fortune.

Keep posting, get your thoughts out and best of luck staying focussed xxx


Stubborn and doing it
Of course you should come here and chat with us. As Jan says, we know exactly where you are coming from and going through.

Amazingly enough, most of us "fat" people know as much about nutrition as the average nutritionalist - but knowing and doing are two different things.

Feel free to voice your frustrations :)

Chin up

Hi all
Well today I have well and truly got back on the straight and narrow. DC all the way, and resisted the trolley lady at work with her naughty chocolatety treats. I went to the gym after work and did a full body weights session which was tiring but I enjoyed it; especially when a new piece of eye-candy walked in!
Ordered another month of DC to focus me as well.


maintaining since June'09
if you feel tempted, just tell us and we will do our utmost to talk you out of it.
Tempted? Are we talking about by the chocolate candy or the eye-candy??? ;) xx
Jan what are you like ............ LOL

:love: Tempted..............

meaning the fruit of another..........????

:flirt2: You certainly know how to keep us amused !!!


maintaining since June'09
The aim is to please!! ;)

Good Luck tomorrow xx

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