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  1. scary1

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    My husband seriously needs to lose weight.

    The story is he quit smoking january 2008 and has since piled on 4 stone is now asthmatic and has now been diagnosed as having severe obstructive sleep apnea.

    His extra weight isnt helping these conditions at all, so he wants to join a slimming club, but is unsure if he should follow weight watchers or slimming world.

    Right now he is feeling pretty down as he quit smoking, then cos of the sleep apnea he isnt allowed to drive and now he it seems that he has to give up his food too.

    So i was wondering of you could give me some pointers so we can decide which slimming club would be best for him.

    Thank you
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  3. Starlight

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    Weight Watchers
    Welcome to Minimins, posting this in SW and WW is going to get you 2 totally conflicting sets of opinions lol Everyone on SW will say SW is better than WW and everyone on WW will say its better than.

    It depends very much on his lifestyle and eating choices. Both are fantastic diets which work very well when followed properly.

    I love being able to eat anything I want on WW and its totally re educated my choices. I dont feel Im on a diet as nothing is forbidden so it takes that element out of things. You can guarantee if you tell me not to do something then Ill want to ;)

    I love that I can easily incorporate my diet into my every day life, I cant eat out if I want and it was months before anyone at work realised I was on a diet.

    It really is down to choice, for every person who loves WW youll find someone who hates it same for SW.

    Good luck :)
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  4. Curlz

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    Hi i cant comment on SW,i have never tried it but i do know peeps who have.

    I can say WW is a perfect diet for everyone-no food is banned and it is also very easy to follow.
    Like sandy says really, but its up to your husband and how he feels about it.
    To be honest i dont see it as a diet just a healthy way to eat and being able to enjoy foods you love in moderation has got to be a bonus.
    Good Luck.
  5. mommyB

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    I have done sw in the past and far prefer ww. thats just my opinion of course and as sandy and fuzzy have said different diets suit differentt people.
    I wish your husband well whichever he decides to go with, my friend suffered with sleep apnea and i know how it got her down
  6. JaxieD

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    Calorie counting
    Hi!;) I've tried both and each one has it's advantages. I just keep coming back to WW which speaks volumes! It works and it's not too difficult to get your head around!
  7. Manny

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    WW after being on W8

    As a male who has done both SW and WW here is my opinion. I most the best part of 3 stone when on the SW diet. I have lost about 1 stone on WW but had much less to lose on this.

    The biggest difference I found between them was planning. On SW I felt I had to plan my whole weeks found to have a good blend of green and red days. The down side to this is that if I had to deviate away from my planned food I would struggle for that day. An example of this is that if I had planned a red day (mostly animal protein) and had to grab a quick lunch when I was out it is easier to grab something like a sandwich or a baked potato (both green), this would mean that my planned dinner had to get changed. This is not a great hastle if your heart is really in the diet but as time went on and my motivation slipped then I was less likely to care.

    With WW if I can't have my planned lunch and have to grab something out, it doesn't have a massive impact on my planned dinner.

    As Sandy said, SW will say there diet is best and WW will say it is them. My opinion is that WW is easier to manage then SW and to me is easier to stick with.

    Hope this helps and I have not waffled on
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