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help please

My husband seriously needs to lose weight.

The story is he quit smoking january 2008 and has since piled on 4 stone is now asthmatic and has now been diagnosed as having severe obstructive sleep apnea.

His extra weight isnt helping these conditions at all, so he wants to join a slimming club, but is unsure if he should follow weight watchers or slimming world.

Right now he is feeling pretty down as he quit smoking, then cos of the sleep apnea he isnt allowed to drive and now he it seems that he has to give up his food too.

So i was wondering of you could give me some pointers so we can decide which slimming club would be best for him.

Thank you
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I've tried all sorts over the years. Slimming World gets my vote! Men seem to do really well on this and its pretty simple to follow and a great healthy eating plan for all the family to follow. My advice would be to join a local group as the support is amazing and keep on logging in to Minimins for support too.

Hope things work out for your husband.


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All I can say is I joined weight watchers about 6 weeks ago & was starving hungry for 2 weeks then quit, I lost 6lbs in them 2 weeks & it was such a struggle. Last week I joined Slimming world & CAN EAT LOADS YIPPEE!!!
I lost 10.5lbs in my first week & have eaten so much food its unbelievable
So I guess ya can say slimming world get my vote :)
Wish him luck from me cos I piled it on from stopping smoking & have even considered smoking again (stupid I know) so he has my sympathy.


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i think SW is brilliant for men as they tend to eat a lot more than women :) Also the guys drop the weight quick on this (which i what he will want to get his health back on track).

The reason this diet is good is that he can eat until he is bursting and still lose weight. I find that i get hungry on WW.

Nanny Jax

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I know 2 men who have lost great deals of weight with S/W, once you have your head around the plan it is great, and you really can eat lots! I am sure you are going to help him every step of the way, whichever plan he chooses, but if he picks S/W u will have a new man on your hands in no time;)
Welcome to Minimins, posting this in SW and WW is going to get you 2 totally conflicting sets of opinions lol Everyone on SW will say SW is better than WW and everyone on WW will say its better than.

It depends very much on his lifestyle and eating choices. Both are fantastic diets which work very well when followed properly.

I love being able to eat anything I want on WW and its totally re educated my choices. I dont feel Im on a diet as nothing is forbidden so it takes that element out of things. You can guarantee if you tell me not to do something then Ill want to ;) I also like the idea of portion control I get with it.

I love that I can easily incorporate my diet into my every day life, I cant eat out if I want and it was months before anyone at work realised I was on a diet.

It really is down to choice, for every person who loves WW youll find someone who hates it same for SW.

Good luck :)

Oh and I can honestly say Ive NEVER been hungry on WW ;)


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I'd recommend slimming world as you don't hardly have to weigh or measure anything, so he won't feel deprived. I noticed at last night's meeting they even had a leaflet for doing sw and giving up smoking. We also have a stand in consultant at the moment who is male, and one man goes to group every week.

No wonder you're worried, that's a lot to put on so quickly, but hopefully it will come off just as quick. My partner has sleep apnoea, although he's not overweight at all. He went to a sleep clinic and has to wear a breathing mask at night. He gets much better quality of sleep now, and so do I! It took a little getting used to, I call him snorkel face (I'm so lovely) heh heh.....


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I've done WW and SW and they both work. I think the new Extra Easy plan on SW is excellent and would be very easy for your husband to follow without having to worry about pointing his food as on WW - he'd just have to keep an eye on treats etc.
Good luck to you and him and keep in touch.
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It might be worth asking you gp if your area does slimming on referral. My gp gave me a 12 week coundown for free to get me started and that has really helped.
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I have done WW and SW.

WW was great and I lost 4 stone a few years back! But I was in quite a different place back then and it worked great for me at the time, but I decided I needed a new challenge, which is what made me turn to SW this time.

I can honestly say I love SW! It's not working that fast for me, but that's more me than the diet.

You'll find people on here who love SW, love WW, and those who found that each didn't work for them too.

You need to work out what fits with your lifestyle and the way you eat. SW is easy because there's no weighing and measuring other than in your Healthy Extras and syns. It works with your appetite, so if your hubby wanted a massive bowl of pasta, he could have it! So he wouldn't necessarily feel like he's giving up food.
However, WW points system means nothing is banned and you can point everything up. You still get 0 points foods and so can fill up on those.

Also, if you're the one going to be doing the bulk of the shopping and cooking, I think you should consider how easy it will be for you to follow. IMO, SW meals are so easy to plan and easily adaptable if you are following the plan with him. You can do the 'maintenance' diet if you don't want to lose weight yourself...and you'll both feel the benefits from eating healthily.

SW gets my vote for ease and convenience. But I think WW works too. I think pick one, try it and see how you get on for a few weeks. You need to give the one you choose a fair chance, bearing in mind that anything you do to change his diet and lower his calorie intake is going to have a successful outcome.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

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