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help plz

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hiya all
rite been on LT a fortnite doin really well lovin the diet, got a wedding this saturday(well civil partnership) its my bfs sister and girlfriend!! well the thing is thers a meal after and i dont want them to think im a morgy cow and not eat anything because most of the family dont agree with the whole gay thing alot wont go so my bf has pleaded with me not to do LT for the day (he has been very supportive upto this) So if im not goin to do it any sugestion please on wot to eat if im going to bugger this ketosis thing up i dont want to go overboard HELP PLEASE
ps. ill be still dring water not booze
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is it an all night session or finish up early.. I suggest having a shake before you leave in the morning.. Eat minimally for the meal, chicken or whatever, not too much,, and then have a shake when you get back... lots and lots of water tho..
S: 15st3lb C: 14st12lb G: 12st12lb Loss: 0st5lb(2.35%)
not an all niter thank god(love me booze) thanks for advise dint think about having shake b4 and after will do now then a wont eat that much
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i went to my brother-in-laws wedding three weeks in to my lipotrim stint. i didnt eat a thing and found it torture but, it made no difference to anyone else so i wud suggest that unless you`re wanting to have the day off for you, id stick with lipotrim. folk are unlikely to be offended and you just end up as a very cheap guest!
S: 15st3lb C: 14st12lb G: 12st12lb Loss: 0st5lb(2.35%)
honestly i dont want to cheat but there wont me many off us there alot of ppl offended by the gay marriage thing plus i dont know her that well but my bf wants us to show her our suuport for her big day and begged me to eat something
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i understand where your coming from and if you really have to and want to do this then i would stick to grilled chicken / white fish etc... stay away from the carbs. and as others said drink plenty of water!


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Do you know if its a sit down meal? If it is there will prob be 3 courses. I suggest you ignore the starter, then when your bf has finished his, put half of yours on to his plate.... so your plate isnt full. For the main, have 1/2 the meat and veg. Give your bf extra if it looks like too much on your plate. For the desert, do the same as the starter. On the plus side, you will drink loads of water as thats pretty much all you can do! If its a buffet, it will be easier. No one will notice if you havent eaten anything!

I am going to a party on sat where there is a sit down meal. I plan to do the same thing. Lord knows how i am going to be able to transfer pudding to my bf plate though!!

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