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Help RE Sickness...

Im not too sure whats up with me I was fine except for extreme tiredness yesterday morning but I was walking round town then I started to get a bit of a bad headache followed by dizzyspells and just general lightheadedness.

I've been up all night with it, and have also got a rash on my face somehow - not sure if its related or not? CDC is away for bank hol but I don't know what to do? I don't really wanna go through ketosis (had a WW ready meal last night) when I feel this bad iykwim?
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You get a bad headache just before you go into Ketosis on CD sometimes. Once ketosis is established you will be fine. However, if you eat the WW ready meals (and they have too many carbs in) then you won't get into ketosis and the headaches may continue. I promise once ketosis is established then you will feel great! Not hungry and more energy - it's a pain getting into it, but then it's all cool.

Good Luck and stick with it x
Maybe I should of explained myself better - Im on week 9 so what im feeling definately isn't caused by ketosis as I've not had anything but my shakes + water. I ate because otherwise I probably would of passed out - not a good idea when Im home alone with a young baby and a frozen ww meal was the only thing that I had in the freezer.

I've just had water so far today but its been a struggle to not bring it back up again.


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Sorry! That was my idiot fault for not reading properly. Sorry x
Hi yummymummy, I wish I read this before I posted my thread. I felt the same way earlier this week, I thought I just had a cold but then I had such a bad headache, lost all energy then I fainted so not good. The decision was forced upon me that I should come off SS for a couple of days to try to recover. I am feeling a lot better now but I am gutted I had to come off, but at the end of the day your health is a lot more important!


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Have you done anything strenuous over the past couple of days? I had to move some furniture and was weak and shaky for a while afterwards. I also sing in a choir and thought I was going to pass out in a performance while on CD SS - I had to mime as I didn't have enough breath to stand and sing at the same time. Maybe a good idea to SS+ for a few days. Take care


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hi I had this it was awful I couldnt get out of bed for a couple of days I felt that bad, I was on ss and agreed with my CDC that one day a week I had a small amoung of carbs, know we souldnt have done but was so bad would have had to stop the diet, it worked and didn't affect my weight loss, perhaps call your CDC and see what they advise. Hope you feel better x

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