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I initially started CD almost 4 weeks ago after signing up for LL. The LL class was not starting till end August and I really wanted to get going now! I have done ok so far losing 7lbs, 4lbs & 3lbs i.e. 14lbs in 3 weeks. I should be down say 1st 4-5lbs for my first month.

My dilemma is I got a phone call from the LL counselor tonight saying that the class is definitely going ahead and would I be there. I told her I had already started CD and would have lost at least 20lbs by then from my initial weigh-in with her in June. I will still have 3 stone to go at least by end August so LL can still take me. She was quite persuasive and was trying to "sell" the benefits of the counseling LL offers.

What will I do???? Stay with CD - nice CDC but no counseling at all or switch to LL??

I am quite sure I can loose all the weight and get my BMI down to 25 BUT can I keep it off long term??

Which is best for the refeeding/maintenance - CD or LL??

Have any of you experts any views - all sugestions gratefully recieved!!

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What an incredibly difficult situation. The thing is, for many people, the counselling makes all the difference in their attitudes. However, for others, they have found the counselling of very little assistance.

Perhaps you could shift over to LL in the initial stages and see how you find the change? Explain it all to your CDC so s/he knows what's going on, and then you can make an informed decision.
I agree. This is a very personal choice which nobody can advise you on.

For me the counselling has been invaluable as I have learnt so much about myself that I just wouldn't have learnt trying to work through my issues on my own.

The LL counselling starts off as more of an icebreaker in the first 2 weeks and gets more and more intense as time goes on.

We have only had 2 drop out of our initial group of 11 which I think is pretty good and the rate of cheating is low too.

It's no good just losing the weight if you are going to go straight back to the way things were because you haven't dealt with your issues. If you can do this with the aid of the distance between food and you that doing a VLCD gives you then don't waste you money on counselling.

If you don't think that you will be able to find out/work through your issues without a bit of structure and guidence then go for the LL. :)
I am on LL and can relate to everything that Chicken just said. I have lost my weight before, and piled it all back on again which is soul destroying. So this time, I'm putting everything I have into the counselling and trying to work things out properly so that I can hopefully learn to have a healthy attitude towards food and a positive frame of mind.

On the other hand, from what I gather it can depend on how good your LL Counsellor is. I've heard of people who don't get very much support from theirs.

Another down side might be that you've tasted the CD packs now which are apparently nicer than the LL ones.

Good luck with your hard decision.

Shadow x

I too agree with Chicken. At the beginning the counselling is nothing to write home about, but, as the weeks have gone on the stuff is getting more and more powerful. Each week I think that it can't get any more intense and useful and I am wrong. Last night was incredibly thought provoking and was about crooked thinking - something I am a major slave to.

CD is obviously much cheaper and it is working for you but LL gives you are arsenal of weapons to keep the weight off in future and gives you a real insight into why we over eat and how to overcome it or at least recognise the danger signs.

Until you have tried it I don't think you can really know the impact it will have on you personally but by week 6 when the real hardcore mind challenging takes place you would probably wonder what the fuss is about!

On the flip side, I believe CD has better flavours!
After speaking to the family I think I am going to stick to CD. To try and get a balanced view I didnt mention the difference in price. Everyone is of the opinion that as I am getting on so well I shoudn't change. I am scared that I wont like the counselling anyway. I really think that it will depend who is in my group. Also it is going to be difficult going a brand new LL group when I am already down nearly 2 stone on a similar diet. (The LLC made it clear I was not to discuss CD with any of them)

So I "think that my descision is - stick with CD:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
To be honest I found LL to be a waste of money. I did it for 10 weeks and we did hardly any counselling. By the time everyone was weighed, we would sit there and chat about everyones week and that was it. Maybe I was unfortunate with my group, i dont know.
Well you know what they say 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' - CD is obviously working well for you so I'd guess it's the right decision to stick to it :D Must add that of course it's 'horses for courses' but providing you have a good CDC you'll do great.

For me personally, CD has been FANTASTIC and I've learnt sooo much about myself on this journey :cool:
I bet you feel happy and more settled now you have made the decision.

If you have been doing as well as you have following a 'stop gap' then just think of the results you will be getting from here on in :D

Onwards and downwards!